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"Jaco is an excellent place to experience adventure, nature and wildlife."mytanfeet.com
"Jaco: Roads to and around Jaco are in good shape, well paved."mytanfeet.com
"Jaco is an interesting beach town, it's worth checking out and there's so many things to do there."mytanfeet.com
"Jaco is probably the biggest party beach town in Costa Rica."mytanfeet.com
"Jaco is growing into bustling beach town known for its party-like atmosphere and laid-back attitude."guidester.com
"Jaco is one of the easiest beaches to get to in Costa Rica because there is a direct bus and is close to San Jose."mytanfeet.com

North Costa Rica

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Calm City



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Around Jaco


Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

Tobias Bolanos International Airport (SYQ)

Quepos Managua Airport (XQP)

Tambor Airport (TMU)

About Jaco

At the village Jaco live 4,085 people. This village is located in center Costa Rica (Costa Rica itineraries). Alajuela is the nearest city. It is located by the sea. You will find a lot of nature in Jaco.

Things to do

, most of what you’ll find is about surfing. Jaco is indeed the surfing mecca of Costa Rica (see itineraries) but there’s so much more to do than ca

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» 10 Tourist Spots In Jaco: Things To Do And Places To Eat And Stay10 TOURIST SPOTS IN JACO: THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO EAT AND ST


10 Tourist Spots In Jaco: Things To Do And Places To Eat And Stay

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Although the main activity in Jaco is surfing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. Solo travelers, families and couples


More things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica

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Eat & drink

If you’re a foodie and visiting Costa Rica (see itineraries), then you have to visit Jaco as this beach town arguably has the best food in all of Co


Jaco Restaurants Map

Graffiti Restro Cafe

Isaga Bar and Restaurant

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According to one of our friends who has lived in Jaco for many years, this beach town has some of the best restaurants in Costa Ri

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Other favorite restaurants are Graffiti, Pasta on the Road and Isaga Bar (best chiliguaro and chif

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Worth to visit

Its location near to the capital and main cities of the country, varied range of lodging and dining options, nightlife and activit

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. was the first beach town in Costa Rica to really explode in terms of growth and development and has given many opportunities to

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We passed a beautiful pool between the hotel property and the beach. There was also a thatched hut bar. I had a feeling there wo

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If you’ve heard that Jaco is known for prostitutes and drugs, unfortunately you are correct. It has gotten that reputation due to

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Here is the itinerary for pick up in San Jose. For pick up in Jaco, it will be around 7 AM and times are approximate. ...

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There are a few rentals and a handful of small hotels in Playa Hermosa, don’t expect any huge resorts.. You can also find several

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. and its neighbors Herradura and Playa Hermosa are varied and can suit all budgets and traveler types. From sharing a room at a


Hotel Punta Leona

Villa Caletas Hotel

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Built in 1990, this German-owned resort is a great place to stay for your tropical vacation. Its named after the huge Pochote tree

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