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"Quepos is such a fantastic area for house sitting I love properties which have mango trees - oh my gosh, so delicious!"charlieontravel.com
"Quepos is situated a few kilometres from the Manuel Antonio nature reserve."rovingretirement.com
"Quepos is also where the bus station, cheaper hotels, restaurants and shopping can be found."escapingabroad.com
"Quepos is nice enough but the real draw here is without a doubt, the national park."thebrokebackpacker.com
"Quepos is a pretty local town so there's no fancy clubs or restaurants, casual clothing is perfectly fine."mytanfeet.com
"Quepos is a bit of a tourist trap, yes."globetrottergirls.com

Middle Costa Rica

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National Park
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Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

Tobias Bolanos International Airport (SYQ)

Quepos Managua Airport (XQP)

San Isidro de El General Airport (IPZ)

About Quepos

Quepos is a village in the country Costa Rica with a population of 7,810. The nearest city of Quepos is Alajuela. Quepos is located in center Costa Rica. Adore the wonderful walks along the sea at Quepos.

Things to do

. is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica and is one of the best places for first timers for many good reasons. Fir

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There are a couple of nice places to stop along the way to make this drive more enjoyable. I will list them below starting with th

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As a self-confessed healthy eater and a vegetarian who only buys locally sourced dairy, the Quepos area has been ideal. The local

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Eat & drink

Here you have a small selection of the most recommended places to dine out while in the area. In Manuel Antonio you can find a lot

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The area around Quepos is rich in natural beauty, from white sand beaches to dense jungle, and is therefore the perfection place t

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If being in a car for 4 hours does not sound appealing to you, but saving time in transportation is your choice, then small aircra

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No, they do not so you will need to find the closest hotel to your location for pick up and drop off. ...

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If you want to splurge on a luxury hotel, Manuel Antonio is one of the best places to do it, especially if you are on your honeymoon in Costa Rica ...

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