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"Zagreb is also full of alternative spots and its street art scene is one of the best in the region!"mywanderlust.pl
"Zagreb is dubbed as a city of museums because there are more museums per square metre than any other city in the world."rudderlesstravel.com
"Zagreb is pretty small and compact so half a day can see most of the tourist sites unless you are into museums!"missvacation.net
"Zagreb is more famous for its Christmas market than for its food."2foodtrippers.com
"Zagreb is brimming with beautiful medieval churches, museums and great architecture in addition to the many."itsallbee.com
"Zagreb is home to both an eclectic and historic culture."mindfulmermaid.com

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The city (Croatia) Zagreb has 698,966 people. The nearest big city is Vienna. Zagreb is located in the north of Croatia. It is perfect for a cultural trip. Zagreb is well known for the outstanding nightlife. It is the famous capital of Croatia (Croatia in detail).

Things to do

While many may be looking to the coast of Croatia for a European adventure, I was fortunate to discover the city of Zagreb during


Dolac Market

Explore Downtown Zagreb

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Croatia is usually thought of as a summer destination. But most don’t realize that the country is just as ideal for a winter getaw

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I don’t think I’d be going to Zagreb if it wasn’t for the LEAP Summit. When I asked for recommendations, most of the people said t


Other places to visit in Zagreb

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Eat & drink

Here is the list of our favorite Zagreb restaurants, some already established landmarks when it comes to eating out in Zagreb, whi


16 thoughts on “Foodie’s Guide to the Best Zagreb Restaurants”

Restaurant Tac

Our list of 12 incredible Zagreb restaurants

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When we first arrived in Zagreb, we wandered around aimlessly looking for places to each. The tour had many stops but started and


Where to Eat and Drink in Zagreb Croatia

Village Tavern Restaurant

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A where to eat in Zagreb map so you always know what delicious food is close by…. ...


Good Food

Pan Pek Cafe

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Worth to visit

Zagreb is Croatia’s capital city, but it is often skipped over by travelers on their Croatia itinerary. Most people probably skip

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Advent on the Main Square, Ban Jelacic Square, during Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia Advent wreath circles Mandusevac Fountain on Ba

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Accommodation. Since writing the above, we’ve been in Zagreb many times.

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You won't visit France (plan France itineraries) without visiting Paris (see itineraries), or visit Italy, without visiting Rome. So, being the capital town should be enough

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1. It takes forever. Getting a coffee with a Croatian is not a quick affair. Don’t expect to swing by and make a quick getaway. It


9. Coffee should be the cheapest thing on a menu.

11. Coffee culture is the reason that smoking is still legal in Croatia.

4. Only milk and sugar should be added.

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Because we stayed in Croatia for longer than a week and used it as a base to explore some of the other Balkan states, we have 3 mo


Sample 1 – Croatia Itinerary 7 days: Best of 3 cities

Arriving in Croatia: Perfect Croatia Itinerary 7 days

Sample 2 – One week Croatia Itinerary: Zagreb and Split

Understanding the country & culture: Croatia Itinerary

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Croatia´s capital is a fun and lively city that offers quite a few attractions and has some beautiful places to visit. However, I

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Very much the cultural capital of Croatia, the best places to visit in Zagreb highlight the history and Balkan character of the ci


The Perfect 1-Day Zagreb Itinerary

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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and is also it’s largest city. The city’s history dates back to Roman times and hosts approximate

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For Canadians both Air Canada and Air Transat offer seasonal direct flights to the city from Toronto, Air Transat also offering tr

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Due to the situation, accommodation prices are very low in Zagreb. If you often eat in college canteens, the cost of living is rea

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Where to stay in Zagreb: Hotel Esplanade Zagreb: Luxury Hotel Perfect For Advent in Zagreb - The Esplanade Zagreb is pure luxury


Where to stay in Zagreb: Hotel Esplanade Zagreb: Luxury Hotel Perfect For Advent in Zagreb

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. hotels catered almost exclusively to business travelers, but it's not a case any longer. And while Zagreb still remains a trans


Where to stay in Zagreb: Best accommodation in town

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Where to stay in Zagreb: location on the map

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It’s always a bit weird to look for a hotel in your home town. You don’t real


Hotel Panorama

Hotel with a service

Hotel with a style

Hotel with a Zagreb feel

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