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"Dahab is one of those special places that I didn't just love."alexinwanderland.com
"Dahab is a rock desert and there are some spectacular sites to climb."flipflopglobetrotters.com
"Dahab is a great choice for both advanced and novice divers."flipflopglobetrotters.com
"Dahab is a little oasis of charm, solitude, and restfulness."gomadnomad.com
"Dahab is closer to Saudi Arabia than any other Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries)ian settlement of significant size."gomadnomad.com
"In Dahab you can combine this perfectly with some more active choices."flipflopglobetrotters.com

East Egypt

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Calm City



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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH)

St. Catherine International Airport (SKV)

About Dahab

At Dahabin Egypt live over 8,000 people. Dahab is known for historic relevant places. Dahab is located by the sea. Cairo is the name of the nearest big city. Dahab is in the west of Egypt (visit Egypt itineraries).

Things to do

& “as much as possible” environmentally friendly, is the kind of places not only you will fall in love with, but also get a feelin

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Dahab offers a host of activities that have nothing to do with water. Some of them are: ...

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Scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving, swimming, kite or wind surfing, desert safaris, riding a quad, a camel or a horse, mountain

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Eat & drink

On our list of favorite things to do in Dahab scuba diving is the absolute number one. Whether you want to get certified, do a PAD


Bonus! Our secret favorite: Dutch Reef

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Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries)ians and Bedouins alike love kids. And there is plenty to do for kids in Dahab. The central Lighthouse area offers a confined

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for ice cream: for fresh home-made food: salads, wraps, jacket

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I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Dahab. And we’ve met surprisingly many people on the road who know this little coastal town


Experience the Bedouin culture

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Natural beauty

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Dahab is more of a laid-back beach town, a place to enjoy the sea, water sports, sunbathing, hiking, rock-climbing, cycling or jus

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Thanks to the high inflow of travellers into Dahab, a number of budget options for stay are available in Dahab. ...

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We arrived bright and early to Dahab this time around. We had just jumped off an exhausting overnight bus from Cairo so the first

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Dahab is filled with beautiful places to stay at ridiculously cheap prices. You can get a private room in a resort with a pool for

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Dahab has always been a favorite backpacking destination, and the Dahab camps offer great budget accommodation if you don’t mind t

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