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"Dakhla is eerily quiet."wanderingearl.com
"Dakhla is under Moroccan control, with Moroccan military checkpoints throughout the area and Moroccan government buildings and flags clearly displaying their presence."wanderingearl.com
"Dakhla is quite safe in terms of regular crime."wanderingearl.com

Middle Egypt

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Dakhla Oasis Airport (DAK)

About Dakhla

Dakhla is a town (Egypt) with a population of 75,000. Besides the nearest city of Dakhla is Aswan. Enjoy the wonderful views over the sea at Dakhla. Besides this town is located in southeast Egypt.

Things to do

In Dakhla itself, there isn’t much. Lighthouse, market and Oum Lbouer, the closest beach which is about 10 minutes drive out of town. ...

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Eat & drink

There’s a handful of restaurants in town and you can always head into one of the bakeries for a sandwich, pastry or quiche as well

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Worth to visit

. and went upstairs to the owner’s apartment. Here they served me a large breakfast of coffee, eggs and several kinds of bread, w

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The city of Dakhla is located in a contentious part of the world known most widely as the Western Sahara. The recent history and b

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This is the hotel we chose to stay at. It is a newer hotel, opened for about one year. It has kite surfing as an option though thi

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