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"Luxor is the land of palaces with a ton of majestic things to see, you would need at least 3 days to see them all."bucketlistly.blog
"Luxor is truly Egypt's gem as far as national treasures go."thewanderlusteffect.com
"Luxor is considered by many the world's biggest open air museum and we have to agree, it's a dream for many to visit Egypt!"breathewithus.com
"Luxor is an amazing place to visit and to explore its eccentric archaeological sites."joaoleitao.com
"Luxor is actually considered the biggest open-air museum in the world."breathewithus.com
"Luxor: The ancient city of Thebes in all its glory."ishouldlogoff.com

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Luxor is a city (Egypt) with a population of 422,407. Besides Luxor is located in the south of Egypt. It fits perfect for a cultural trip. Besides adore the beautiful walks along the sea at Luxor. Luxor gives you the possibility to relax next toby a river. Besides the nearest big city of Luxor is Aswan (Aswan in detail).

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Regarded as one of the most impressive seats of power in the Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries)ian empire, the city of Thebeshas thrived al


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How many days to spend in Luxor

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With the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple and the small but sweet Luxor Museum all within a short distance of each-other, it’s n

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This is regularly updated, including all the prices, which are the latest from 2020. If you have any additional information based

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Eat & drink

Marsam Restaurant is located on the West bank, quite close to the Valley of the Kings. The restaurant is in a large, well-treed co

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The best thing about Egypt (Egypt in detail) is the affordable, mouthwatering Middle Eastern cuisine! There are many sm

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Lunch buffet – a selection of bread, fresh pasta station, fish selection, meats, rice, fries, Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries)ian specialities, fresh vegetab


Afternoon tea and snacks

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There are so many types of cruise ships which make their way between Aswan, Luxor and vice versa every week even in off peak season. ...

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A pair of slip-on shoes or flipflops would come handy whenever you want to go for a walk, a smoke, or to use the bathroom ...

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For more suggestions on what to see and where to go in Paris, with more tips and recommendations, see the Paris City Guide ...

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I bought a ticket from the self kiosk ticketing machine from Aswan (plan Aswan itineraries) train station and took the train at 3:00 PM. The train went thr

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To the west of Theben, hides a little gem: The Mortuary Temple of the Pharaoh Seti I. It’s not as large and as spec

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The recent increase in tourism to Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries) is bringing expanded itineraries and a bit more luxury to Nile cruising. However, the vast

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The pass that excludes the tombs is US$ 100 and US$ 50 for students. Including entry to the tombs of Seti I and Nefertari will set

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Around 18 flights will take off each morning with Magic Horizon Balloons alone if it’s peak season. But, the best time to fly is a

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In Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries)e heb je hotels in alle prijsklassen. Je vindt er de duurste resorts en hotelketens, maar ook smoezelige hotels met gedeel

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There are plenty of high end hotels along the Corniche which overlook the Nile in Luxor, but only one is an original from the heyday of tourism. ...

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There are plenty of options to suit all budget types but my personal favourite is a classic. ...

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