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When travelling in El Salvador, you will be in the smallest country in Central America, which offers you a breathtaking landscape shaped by volcanoes. You will meet a special warm-heartedness among the population. Unfortunately, the country is still suffering from the consequences of the civil war and the effects of natural disasters, especially in the outskirts of cities where poverty is rampant. The crime rate is correspondingly high. But this should not deter you, as there are countless natural attractions to discover on your backpacker trip.
Due to the geographical location of El
Salvador, this area is especially vulnerable to earthquakes, as three continental plates meet off the Pacific coast and cause repeated earthquakes that cause great damage. The civil war and earthquakes have a major impact on the infrastructure. However, tourism has become a high priority for the country's government.
More than 7.3 million people live on an area of 21,041 km². The capital is San
Salvador (Salvador in detail), with about 520,000 inhabitants. In the capital there are still relics of the colonial times like the Rosario Church, where the national hero José Matias del Gado has his grave. On the outskirts of the city, the botanical garden in the crater of a volcano, a jewel of tropical vegetation, awaits you. Wonderful nature in El Salvador

Culture in El
The culture of El
Salvador is influenced by the mixing of Spanish descendants with the indigenous India (India in detail)n population. Almost all inhabitants are mestizos (Ladinos). There are only about four percent Indians who live together in their own villages. In a very interesting way they mix their Christian faith with religious contents of the Mayas and maintain the old habits and rituals of their ancestors.
During your backpacker trip you will feel transported to another world, as fields are tilled with a plough according to the old method. You will live in huts made of palm leaves. You wear the same costumes as many centuries ago. In spite of the Christian faith, which has become common practice in the meantime, the rain god Chac is prayed to and the corn god Xipe Totec is celebrated.
The Mayan culture can also be found in the handicrafts, where you can find typical figures made of clay, bamboo, ceramics or wood, as well as special textiles. The people welcome you with a great warmth and hospitality. However, you should follow some rules of conduct. You should be careful when choosing your photo motives. It is better to ask first, before there is trouble afterwards. More backpacking information about El
Salvador is quite cheap compared to the neighbouring countries, so that you can cover the costs well with a daily budget of about $35.