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"Bath is an incredible place to come to, packed full of history and an absolute must for Jane Austen fans."wandereroftheworld.co.uk
"Bath is one of the loveliest cities I've ever been to!"travelstoriesuntold.com
"Bath is one of England's most famous spa towns and is brimming with history and charm."thetraveljourno.com
"Bath is right at the bottom of the region and surrounded by the beautiful Cotswolds countryside."untoldmorsels.com
"Bath is an amazing city to spend a weekend, with a wealth of historic sites, and of course, those fabulous hot springs."gypsywithadayjob.com
"Bath is one of the best places to visit in England."luxurycolumnist.com

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Bristol Airport (BRS)

Cotswold Airport (GBA)

Gloucestershire Airport (GLO)

Bristol Filton Airport (FZO)

RAF Weston-super-Mare (RAF)

Cardiff International Airport (CWL)

About Bath

The beautiful town of Bath is one of the most unmissable tourist destinations in England. With its famous Roman Baths and breathtakingly elegant Georgia (Georgia in detail)n architecture, Bath is a World Heritage Site and draws thousands of visitors each year.

Archaeological excavations have indicated that human use of the hot mineral springs at Bath date back at least 10,000 years. In 65 AD the Romans developed a complex of baths and a temple to the goddess Sulis Minerva at the springs. Bath became the playground of the wealthy British aristocracy in the 18th century. They commissioned architects to design elegant Palladian terraced housing and the city’s stylish crescents and squares. Relatively small and compact, Bath is ideal for leisurely exploration. Bath Abbey was constructed between 1499 and 1616 and was the last great medieval church built in
England. It has an impressive west façade featuring angels climbing up stone ladders and the vault houses a museum chronicling the abbey’s history.

Right across the road from the abbey lies the Roman Baths Museum and the Pump Room. The Great Bath features Roman paving and a lead base and is bordered by 19th century arcading. Underground passageways lead you to the remains of the smaller baths and heating systems. The museum traces the history of the baths and showcases objects discovered during excavations. The stately 18th century Pump Room is part of the museum. A fountain dispenses spa water which can be bought in the restaurant. Other places worth visiting include the Museum of Costume, the magnificent Palladian townhouse at No 1 Royal Crescent, the Holburne Museum with its collection of paintings by artists such as Stubbs and Gainsborough, and the Museum of East Asian Art. Bath is full of interesting restaurants, trendy cafés and charismatic pubs. Take in a play at the Theatre Royal and have a pint at the oldest pub in town – the Saracen’s Head.

Things to do

Bath is an English city known for its historic Roman bath house and its stunning abbey which happens to be the last medieval cathe

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Eat & drink

Everyone knows that independent businesses such as shops and restaurants are the life and soul of a city, and in the case of Bath


Acorn Restaurant

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Worth to visit

Bath is one of the most scenic and stunning towns you’ll find in England. Famous for its ancient Roman Baths (of which the city is

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