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"London (see itineraries) is best known for it's icons from black cabs to Buckingham Palace and Beefeaters."dreamsinheels.com
"London (visit London itineraries) is one of the most exciting, diverse and eclectic."aluxurytravelblog.com

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About London

The capital of England, London is vibrant, cosmopolitan, chaotic, diverse and exhilarating. By far the largest city in Europe, it is a heady mix of wealth and poverty, of glitz and grime, of imposing buildings and elegant shops, of world-class theatre and incredible nightclubs. The sights and attractions of London (plan London itineraries) are far too numerous to mention. Take your time to explore all that this thrilling city has to offer.

Unmissable sights include the National
Gallery, the Tate Gallery, the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London (London itineraries), and Covent Garden. The National Gallery is one of the world’s foremost art galleries. With more than 2000 paintings on show and no entrance fee, it is certainly well worth a visit. The Tate Gallery in SW1 houses Britain’s international modern art collection and its archive of British art. The British museum, one of the oldest museums in the world, houses a massive, diverse and fascinating collection of arts and antiquities. Highlights include the Elgin marbles, the Egypt (Egypt itineraries)ian mummies and the Magna Carta. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen of England. Certain parts of the palace are open to the public. Check out the paintings in the Long Gallery and the State Dining Room in particular.

Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous churches in the world. It houses the tombs of such dignitaries as Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I and nearly every English monarch since 1066 has been crowned here. Recently, the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, took place here. The Tower of
London was used as a fortress, a palace and as a prison. Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife was among the many people beheaded here. Check out the beefeater guards and lay your head on the block where so many other people lost theirs! Covent Garden was once the Victorian fruit and vegetable market made famous in the film My Fair Lady. Today it is home to lively bars and restaurants, quirky shops and talented street entertainers. Take a breather in one of the many parks for which the city is famous – Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park. Go to see the elegant Houses of Parliament. Take a peek down Downing Street – the British Prime Minister lives at No 10. Wander around Trafalgar Square and make sure not to miss Piccadilly Circus at night when the famous neon signs are ablaze. For a mind-boggling array of restaurants, head for the West End and Soho. Treat yourself to afternoon tea - that great British institution – at Fortnum & Mason. For lively pubs, bars and clubs head for Covent Garden, the West End and Soho. If you’ve still got energy left, remember that London (plan London itineraries) is a mecca for shoppers! Check out the world famous Harrods and hunt for bargains in one of the many markets.

Things to do

24 Hours in London (more about London): Things to Do & See! Eat fish & chips, visit Buckingham Palace, ride The London Eye and much more! Jolly old England (more about England itineraries)! I look forward to visiting London (more about London) and England again to explore more sights and areas. However, during a trip to Paris I was able to spend 24 hours in London (more about London) and ..

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, will give you some great ideas for some of the key things you’ll want to explore when visiting London (plan London itineraries). Capital cities don’t come much more interesting or diverse than London (more about London itineraries). There is plenty to keep you busy, whatever your budget and however long you plan on spending there. I opted for a four-day stay, a long ...

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Once known as the Rock n Roll capital of the world, Camden Town is now a popular tourist destination offering many great things to do. This is our guide to the best places to go, as well as our list of the best tours in the area. Be sure to check out our post Things to Do in London Camden Town was developed as a ...


1. Explore Camden Market

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You have seen it in the movies, read about it in books but the 50 Top Things to See and Do in London (London in detail) will give you a really experiential way to travel this through this amazing city. London is a major city, rich in history, culture and you should never ever worry about being a tourist in this amazing city.


50 top things to see and do in London

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Eat & drink

. or visiting the city and you love/need your coffee then you need tips on where to find a great pour. London coffee prices are shockingly high. You can pay as much as £4 for a latte in this town. So it had better be a good one. Therefore, I am making it my mission to help you avoid the misery that is a bad coffee in ...


My definition of a great coffee

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One of my all-time favourite things to do is to eat. I can literally be eating one meal and be planning the next at the same time. Food is high on my list of priorities at all times. And the good news is, for those of us on a budget (i.e. It’s definitely worth heading down there at any time of day or night to see what ...


And if you fancy coffee…

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I love food! During my trips around the world I have joined many cooking classes but I never actually taken a food tour. I have however noticed how these kind of tours have recently grow a lot in popularity and the idea of experiencing a food tour of London (London itineraries) has been on my mind for quite some time.

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Here are 15 of the best coffee shops in Brixton and swoon worthy cafes to visit in Brixton from independent coffee shops to artisan coffee houses these are the Brixton coffee shops you shouldn’t miss. There’s nothing quite like starting your day with a fresh-made, aromatic cup of coffee.


Express Cafe

Burnt Toast Cafe Brixton

Federation Coffee Brixton

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Worth to visit

You mean besides the Oyster stuff? Yeah, there’s plenty of things to do in Whitstable ...

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Go if you’re interested in history – this entire afternoon reeked of history! You really get a feel that this place is old, with lots of stories to tell. The museum is well worth a quick visit to give Chipping Barnet context and to provide insight into how it evolved into what it is today.

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These lovely gardens are definitely well worth a visit! In fact, this is one of the most famous landmarks in England . Everyone who spends a few hours in the Kew Gardens loves it! If you love nature, adore finding tranquillity among the busy streets of the world, and ..

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Absolutely! There is so much to do, and a lot more than has been listed here. In fact, Richmond Park is very top on our list of the best places to visit in southern England ! You can enjoy fishing and rugby, as well as kite flying and power kiting. There are bikes for hire if you want to cycle, and ..

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If you are planning a trip to London (see itineraries) and want to spend some time admiring great artwork and visiting grand royal palaces, you’ll likely save money and time by purchasing the London Pass. The London Pass not only allows for free admission to over 70 of the top-visited attractions in London (i.e.

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Traveling helps to broaden your mind and experience new places. Imagine staying in the same town or city all your life, how boring is that? Whether you are taking a trip across the world or to a new city nearby, traveling is great. The toughest part is finding a good place to visit.

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) where we bought fresh fruit & vegetables so we could cook some meals in our apartment. Noticeably important in the neighborhood were an organic food shop, a cupcake bakery, Vietnam (Vietnam itineraries)ese restaurants and a restaurant selling nothing but arancini balls .


10 Reasons to Visit East London

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London is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the world, and it’s no wonder that people want to know what to bring with them and what to wear in London. London is great for backpacking because it’s a city where you use a lot of public transit, and you will walk up a lot of stairs.

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Deep-rooted traditions, rich history, and culture, iconic landmarks equally-famous in all corners of the world, epic bridges and futuristic skylines, endless cafes, and restaurants, bustling business activity, the title of the most visited city in the world. No matter how many things you list, it will still not be ...


7-Day London Itinerary:

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If you are thinking about how to spend 4 days in London, you are in the right place. After being in London for many years, we put together the perfect itinerary which will help you to discover London (plan London itineraries) in 4 days. Starting your London (more about London itineraries) itinerary 4 days with a bit of culture and ..

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From central London (London itineraries), ablaze with the lights of the West End and glamorous shopping streets. To edgy east London, an eclectic and alternative experience. The grassy parks, royal sights, buzzing markets and everything else in between. It can be a bit overwhelming choosing the best spots to maximise a day in the famous ...

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5 Day London Itinerary.jpg Want to know what to do in London (plan London itineraries) in 5 days? This 5 days in London (London itineraries) itinerary is packed with the best things to do and see - tourist hubs and hidden gems! After being asked numerous times by visiting family and friends about all the things to do in London.


London itinerary 5 days

Best London itinerary - 5 Days

London itinerary - 1 Day in London

London itinerary - 3 Days in London

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With the Big Ben, St. Add to that an amazing vibe, beautiful architecture and an impressive range of restaurants. Unfortunately the city can be a very expensive destination because of that as well. The concept is simple: you pay nothing for the tour, but at the end you can just tip your guy what you thing the tour was ...

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Londen heeft met monumenten als de Big Ben, St. En je kunt je wel bedenken hoe populair Londen is bij zowel reizigers als toeristen. Een wereldstad als Londen barst van de indrukwekkende musea. Als er iets is wat wij fantastisch vinden aan Londen, dan zijn het wel de markten. Op een plek vind je dan tientallen ...

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When I first traveled from America to Europe, my flight was $180 from Los Angeles to London. People always ask me how I find cheap flights like that one. Since then, I’ve found many more ridiculously cheap flights for myself and others. Here are some tips: Skyscanner is God’s gift for finding cheap flights.

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– going to the theatre in London is a fantastic experience, so if you can manage to do itit’s well worth the effort. These tips from Simon will shed some light on how to go about getting yourself some cheap London theatre tickets. London theatre tickets can be so cheap – yeah yeah, ...

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London obviously has many different accommodation options, so here are just a few ideas! ...

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Although London can be expensive you can find a huge variety of accommodation in the city. If you’re on a budget try backpackers hostels such as the YHA and for mid-range try hotels like the Holiday Inn. If you have a bigger budget then they are plenty of ...

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Whether you are an enthusiastic adventure lover or like it peaceful and quiet, there is something for everyone in London (London itineraries). If you are looking for a unique holiday, a stay at hotels near Earls Court Exhibition Centre would be a good idea, especially with options like Hotel ...

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London is the worlds most visited city. The area known as Greater London, which forms the administrative boundaries of the city, spans more than 1500 square kilometres. Comprising 32 separate boroughswhich themselves are split into numerous neighbourhoods with nebulous boundaries, deciding where ...


Where to stay in London

Where to stay around Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia

Where to stay around Mayfair and Marylebone

Where to stay in the City of London

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