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"Plymouth is on the border of Devon and Cornwall making it the perfect place to stop for a night or so."clairesitchyfeet.com
"Plymouth is huge and goes way beyond Plymouth Rock and the plantation, haha."purewander.com
"Plymouth is a city with a rich heritage and naval history, famous for Sir Francis Drake playing bowls on the Hoe as the Spanish Armada approached Plymouth Sound."travelpassionate.com
"Plymouth is the kind of place where your taste buds go to die."beersandbeans.com
"Plymouth: I feel a bit bittersweet about returning to Plymouth, which was my home for so long in England (plan England itineraries)."endlessdistances.com
"Plymouth is likely to be on the way from Boston (plan Boston itineraries) to the Cape."familytravelmagazine.com

Southwest England

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Newquay Cornwall Airport (NQY)

Exeter International Airport (EXT)

Plymouth City Airport (PLH)

About Plymouth

(England) Plymouth has a population of 260,203. Further enjoy the wonderful views over the sea at Plymouth. This town is located in the southeast of England (England in detail). Further the nearest city of Plymouth is Bristol.

Things to do

First up, one definite highlight of your day in Plymouth should be a trip to the city’s famous Gin Distillery . This is the oldest working gin distillery in the UK and the business dates back to 1793 and the building itself as far back as the 1400’s. And if you book the Master Distiller’s private tour in advance, you ...


Visit the National Marine Aquarium

Discover the Elizabethan Hidden Garden

8 Things To Do In Plymouth Before You Catch The Ferry To France

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New Zealand (more about New Zealand)’s west coast city of New Plymouth has been on my Bucket List for a little while now, only really because I hadn’t been before and I also fancied a road trip from Auckland down the North Island’s rugged black sand beaches and rolling farmland. at about 5pm after a morning spent hiking through the glow worm ...

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In 1620, 102 men, women, and children sailed for ten perilous weeks from England to Plymouth, MA aboard the original Mayflower ship. No one knows what happened to the original, but its replica, the Mayflower II, recreated that journey in 1957. ...

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Eat & drink

, a small place a 15-minute walk from the hotel. It wascold and drizzling as we made our way there, and as we passed through a dark industrial estate, we started to wonder if we’d gonewrong with the directions. But then we suddenly popped out onto a road tucked onto which was a small, cosy looking ...

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THANSGIVING DINING: People come from all over the world to experience the traditional Thanksgiving meal at Plimoth Plantation, but it’s only scheduled a few times a year. Never fear! There’s a whole slew ofthemed meals ...

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Fitzroy Beach, East End and Ngamotu all have cafes with seaside views available. There are also some options in the CBD that have views overlooking the ocean. For example, Robert Harris in Centre City offers a beautiful view over the walkway and ocean. ...

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For reasons that should be relatively obvious, Plymouth is home to some of the most decadent seafood in the whole of the United Kingdom. Along with award winning fish and chips shops, you’ll also find yourself spoilt for choice with historic pubs, cosy cafes and ..

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Worth to visit

Without a doubt. Whether you visit by yourself, on a date, with a family, or with friends, Tupare is worth a visit. Even if you aren’t a person who loves gardens, Tupare may make you change your mind. What I love about Tupare is that while it is a fantastic and beautiful garden, it also has areas that can be played in.

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Funny you mention it… Mt Taranaki has a naughty habit of hiding behind the clouds, but I did have a moment of spotting it in time to Snapchat my sister who has visited four times and never seen it. We decided to drive up for lunch at the cafe where lots of hiking tracks depart from.

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When you’re planning a Cornish rail trip, you can either book individual tickets or get a railpass, which can be a better deal if you’re under 28/over 60, want more flexibility or are booking late. Here’s how the prices break down for the two different options on this ...

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Plymouth is very walkable, with most of the main attractions, including Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower II, the Grist Mill, and the Pilgrim Hall Museum all within a few block radius of the waterfront. However, the John Carver Inn is only one of two hotels in downtown Plymouth. Built in 1969 originally as a Holiday Inn, ...

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Since New Plymouth is a very small city that is almost entirely coastal, it’s hard to find somewhere to stay that is far away from the coastal walkway. However, there are some locations that will let you make the most of the walkway. ...


Millennium Hotel New Plymouth

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