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Online information about Eritrea is very outdated. Printed guidebooks are usually also from 1990s, so while you can read up on som

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Other than that, besides an Italian & British cemetery with soldiers from WWII and a few mosques and churches, there isn’t much to

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Eat & drink

Food in Eritrea can be either very good or very bad, depending on the place. Restaurants will usually have an English menu, so ord

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The local traditional food in Eritrea is pretty much the same as in Ethiopia (plan Ethiopia itineraries), no big difference, other than a slight change in the

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Despite its small size – only 6 million people – Eritrea is a complex society, ethnically speaking. ...

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Popularly known as the North Korea of Africa for being the most repressive and hermetic country on the continent, Eritrea is a rea


Extend your Eritrea itinerary

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But don’t let this stop you. Eritrea is a country with friendly locals and as a tourist, you don’t have to worry about safety. As

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Eritrea is one of those African countries where most of the hotels are not online. I stayed at Sheghey Hotel where I had a basic r

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