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"Haapsalu is a famous coastline resort during the late summer months and is another cool day trip from Tallinn (see itineraries)."alwayswanderlust.com
"Haapsalu is a great alternative to Parnu if you want to experience an Estonian seaside resort."thecrowdedplanet.com
"Haapsalu is a cute resort town where you can relax in the sun and enjoy some of the best white sand beaches in Estonia (more about Estonia)."anadventurousworld.com

West Estonia

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Kärdla Airport (KDL)

About Haapsalu

Haapsalu is a village (Estonia) with over 11,805 people. And also, it offers you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake. The nearest neighbour city is Helsinki. And also, enjoy the beautiful beaches at Haapsalu. It is great for a trip with much cultural experiences. And also, this village is in center Estonia.

Eat & drink

Food is always going to feature in any top list of things to do and it’s no different in Haapsalu. Surprisingly, for a small town,

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