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"Tartu (Tartu in detail) is located on the way between Riga and Tallinn and make quite a good one night stop before we head toward Tallinn (plan Tallinn itineraries)."bucketlistly.blog
"Tartu is the second city in Estonia, and it's famous for its university and student population."thecrowdedplanet.com
"Tartu is also famous for its restaurants where you can find delicious Estonian delicacies like smoked sprats and selma on rye bread."anadventurousworld.com
"Tartu is beautiful as well."karolinapatryk.com
"Tartu (more about Tartu itineraries) is often called an intellectual capital of Estonia as it is home to one of the oldest Estonia (Estonia in detail)n Universities."karolinapatryk.com
"Tartu is located two hours southeast of Tallinn by train."wayfaringviews.com

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The town (Estonia) Tartu has a population of 101,092. Besides Tartu (plan Tartu itineraries) gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake. The nearest neighbour city of Tartu (more about Tartu itineraries) is Riga. Tartu is located in west Estonia. It fits perfect for a cultural trip.

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Many visitors to Estonia stay in Tallinn (plan Tallinn itineraries) and skip the rest of the country. That’s a shame because the country has so much more to

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, it’s not the only city worth exploring. The nation’s second city, Tartu (plan Tartu itineraries), is a lively university city, home to its own compelling

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Thanks to Tartu (plan Tartu itineraries)’s pride in its university, many aspects of the city have academic ties. One particularly creative tie-in is the va

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