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The itinerary starts in Ethiopia (Eastern Africa). After that the itinerary proceeds Djibouti. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
Because of the countries , it will be an expensive trip. Not safe countries are chosen... For in Ethiopia and Djibouti it is possible to request the visa on arrival. Ethiopian Birr and Djiboutian Franc are necessary to pay. These flight connection are taken during this itinerary: Djibouti - Addis Ababa. During your travel you have to speak Amharic and French . And if you speak only english it could be an adventure.

Things to do

Travel Guide Ethiopia: About things to do in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country that is full of white robes and tactfully wobbling heads. It is also a country of colorful plates inserted i

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Ethiopia: Ten Amazing Places Not to Miss

If Ethiopia’s not on your travel list, it should be. It’s a huge country – the largest landlocked country in the world – with uniq

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Trying New Things: Little Ethiopia in DTLA

Last month, date night was spent eating Ethiopian food and ice cream cookie sandwiches in West LA. It was the boyfriend’s turn to

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Eat & drink

Ethiopian Food: The Ultimate Guide for Food Lovers

Not only is the food extremely unique and extraordinarily flavorful, but the food culture that makes up Ethiopia is also something


Ethiopian coffee Amazing Ethiopian coffee!

10 Amazing Ethiopian Foods

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Ethiopian Food: A Culinary Travel Guide to What to Eat and Drink

Ethiopian food is one of the world's most unique, fascinating and delicious cuisines. In addition to its flavorful dishes, stews,


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Meat and Vegetarian Mixed Platters

Ethiopian Coffee

Recommended Restaurants in Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Food Guide: Best Ethiopian Dishes to Try

Most people are also familiar with the country for its popular coffee, which is consumed on a global scale (yep, even Starbucks us


Ethiopian Breakfasts

Ben Abeba Restaurant

Ethiopian Coffee

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Why You Should Go Backpacking in Ethiopia - Backpackingman

You have diverse cultures, different landscapes, a rich history, decent food, plenty of adventure, and it’s cheap to travel. But t

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Reasons to Visit Gorgora, Ethiopia

, we took the opportunity to take a day trip to Gorgora, Ethiopia. This little-visited resort on the north shore of Lake Tana, 60k

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10 Epic Reasons You'll Want to Backpack in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Djibouti, backpacking, travel with kids, family travel, Africa, backpacking, toddler travel, pre-school travel, Lalibela


38 Replies to “10 Epic Reasons You’ll Want to Backpack in Ethiopia”

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An Eclectic 2 Weeks in Ethiopia Itinerary

Ethiopia is a country I’d wanted to visit for a long time before I finally arrived there. From its history—it was, at the outbreak

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Travel to Ethiopia: Your Ultimate Two-Week Itinerary

Kenya and Ethiopia, One Month of Absolute Variety - Just Travel to Ethiopia and Kenya Ethiopia is still shaking off the shackles


Ethiopia Travel Itinerary for Two Weeks

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What the Ethiopia itinerary looks like

To set the context of what I’m bringing and why, it makes sense to talk about what my trip to Ethiopia included. ...

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communist period

Addis Ababa has excellent museums and fascinating markets, especially the Merkato , which is considered the largest market in the

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Costs in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a good place to visit on a budget. It is excellent for budget backpackers and independent travelers looking to explore


Domestic Flights in Ethiopia

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Money, Costs and Communication

Ethiopia is expensive—more expensive, at least, than it should be. That’s less due to ordinary expenditures, such as long-distance

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Where to stay

You can either hop in a tuk tuk and be taken to the hyena men, or do as I did and just walk over as the locations are saved on Map

pleaseliveyourdream.com > Wild Hyenas In Harar And The Blue Nile Falls Of Bahir Dar Ethiopi

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Hotels in Aksum, Ethiopia

There are not that many hotels in Aksum and you certainly won’t find five-star western-style accommodation, but there are clean ro


Hotel Delina

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Where to Stay in Ethiopia

If you’re accustomed to backpacker’s quarters, this Ethiopia travel itinerary will be a walk in the park for you. If you prefer lu

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