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The village (Ethiopia) Lalibela has over 17,367 people living there. Further Lalibela is in the center of Ethiopia. The nearest big city is Mek'ele.

Things to do

Another nice touch was that we were each given a souvenir in the form of a glossy, double-sided placemat with photos and informati

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Eat & drink

The first thing that strikes you about the Ben Abeba is its quirky architecture. You enter via a spiral walkway, off which are ass

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I ate dinner at the Olive Tree Hotel, which offers basic seating but splendid local food at cheap prices. I had the vegetarian “fa

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We spent an afternoon and a further two full days exploring the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, which was more than enough time. I

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In fact, one day I wasn’t feeling like paying the price of a tourist meal, so I went to a very localrestaurant

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There is a good selection of hotels in Lalibela with prices to suit all pockets. The ones I have chosen here are all on the outski

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Several representatives/guides/touts from hotels and guesthouses will greet you as soon as you enter the arrival building at Lalib


Alef Paradise Hotel

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, which as the name suggests is built on top of a mountain and offers extraordinary views of the valley below. ...

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