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"Oulu is easily reached by air, both from inside Finland and from further afield."arzotravels.com
"Oulu is the country's fifth largest city and likes to call itself the Capital of Northern Scandanavia."weblogtheworld.com
"Oulu is a small town, they have the audacity to call it "the capital of Northern Scandinavia" but it is more to brag about something."unpocodesur.com
"Oulu is up on the north-west coast of Finland (more about Finland itineraries), on the shores of Bothnian Bay, the most northerly part of the Baltic Sea, and is the fifth largest city in Finland."findingtheuniverse.com
"Oulu: It is one of those larger northerly cities in the world and there are few cities that are more Northerly than Oulu."travelbooksfood.com
"Oulu is one of the most Northern cities in the world and a Finnish treat to visit in the midst of winter."handluggageonly.co.uk

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Oulu is a town (Finland (see itineraries)) with over 128,618 people. Oulu fits perfect for a cultural trip. The nearest big city is Helsinki. It offers you the possibility to relax atby a lake. Oulu is in center Finland.

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Just as in the olden days since 1901 when it was built, Oulu Market Hall has a selection of food products like fruits and vegetabl

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Oulu is the largest city in the sparsely populated northern region of Finland but despite its remote location, it’s fast becoming


Oulu Market Hall

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Yeah, we know it, it looks like at -10 degrees there’s nothing more to do than to lock you up to wait for the winter to pass. Howe

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Oulu is a modern European city that is easy to navigate and pleasant to explore. It’s a safe place to visit and you will find it t

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Oulu has a fantastic range of accommodation and there are many excellent hotels available that are kept to a high standard. It’s b

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It is possible to find accommodation of all kinds, from campings to 5 Star hotels. Thanks to our itinerary we were able to try dif


Iso-Syöte Hotel

Lapland Hotel Oulu

Where to sleep in syöte?

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Para aquellos en busca de mayor comodidad y con mayor presupuesto el hotel de la cadena Lapland es la mejor solución . Un edificio


Iso-Syöte Hotel

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