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"Turku is easily up there as one of the best places in Finland (more about Finland itineraries) to see if you love city breaks."handluggageonly.co.uk
"Turku is a relic of Europe's storied history, much like dozens of other small, walled in cathedral towns scattered all over the continent."europeupclose.com
"Turku is now the fifth largest city in Finland (more about Finland itineraries)."europeupclose.com
"Turku is just a really, really pretty city!"heartmybackpack.com
"Turku is the old capital of Finland, where I went to school, so it's my favorite town in Finland (plan Finland itineraries)."woltersworld.com
"Turku is Abo in Swedish because it was part of Sweden at one time."woltersworld.com

Southwest Finland

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Calm City



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Turku Airport (TKU)

About Turku

At Turkuin the country Finland (see itineraries) live over 175,945 people. Helsinki is the nearest big city. It is located by the sea. Turku is in east Finland. It provides a lot of unique culture.

Things to do

I spent three days in Turku on a trip organized by Visit Turku, and they really did such a great job of showing me the best parts

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Turku is a charming city in Finland that has been built around the Aurajoki river. It reminds me of Amsterdam with its bridges and


What to see or experience?

Turku Market Hall

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The Midsummer celebrations take place in June, and was originally a celebration of the su

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Eat & drink

. was during our first trip to Turku. We tried the Blinis there and our stomachs were absolutely satisfied. ...


Eat on a boat at Svarte Rudolf

Cafe Art

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In Turku, there are a lot of different styled restaurants so there’s a large variety where to choose from. On my holiday in Turku,

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, another restaurant in downtown Turku with a lovely laidback atmosphere and again, really, really delicious food. ...

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As the old capital of Finland, Turku is steeped in history and in fact hosts some of the most important historical buildings and a

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, which is right on the river and has the prettiest views of the city. The hotel itself is beautiful, the breakfast buffet has a h

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Activity that suits all children, is a visit to Holiday Club Caribia. There are pools for smaller children and three cool water sl

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