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"Burgundy is located just to the east of the central area of France and is made up of four departments: Cote d'Or, Nievre, Saone et Loire and Yonne."greyworldnomads.com
"Burgundy is one of the most popular barge cruises in France (plan France itineraries)."europeupclose.com
"Burgundy is sexy and perfumed, more artistic."luxurytravelbible.com
"Burgundy is gorgeous year-round but during the fall, it's abuzz with beauty."honeytrek.com
"Burgundy is the heart and soul of French food and wine."neverstoptraveling.com
"Burgundy is currently some of the most expensive wine in the world."eurotravelcoach.com

Middle France

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2-3 nights


Moderate (4 of 5)

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Chalon – Champforgeuil Airport (XCD)

Dijon-Bourgogne Airport (DIJ)

About Burgundy

Burgundy is a big city (France) with 1,633,891 inhabitants. Burgundy is in center France. The nearest city of Burgundy is Paris.

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