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"Marseille is also the birthplace of Pastis, a very famous alcohol that is synonymous with the city."continentscondiments.com
"Marseille is well connected by rail, road, and air with all major cities of France (more about France itineraries) and Europe."thetalesofatraveler.com
"Marseille is also one of the cities in Europe with the most organized crime."continentscondiments.com
"Marseille is a bustling metropolitan city with an upbeat vibe."lelongweekend.com
"Marseille is a gorgeous city by the sea; a stunning blend of old and new."thetalesofatraveler.com
"Marseille is a melting pot with immigrants coming from all over the world, many settling in Le Panier since ancient times."travelingwithsweeney.com

Guided tours to the whole Provence

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Marseille Provence Airport (MRS)

Toulon-Hyères Airport (TLN)

About Marseille

Marseille is the second largest and the oldest cities dating back more than 2000 years of France (see itineraries). The ancient name of Marseille is “Phocaea”. It lies on the coast of Mediterranean sea. The city attracts tourist from all over Europe for its status of complexity and superb weather. Marseille is a great shopping place and also known as the second city of the most fashion conscious country on earth and there are plenty of varities in clothes and accessories which you can find Marseille city of France. Well known designers have their exclusive boutiques in Marseille. You will also spot high quality French and other international restaurants in the city. The National hymn of France was brought up in Marseilles. Marseilles is famous for its seafood. The most popular and world renowed seafood dish of Marseilles is “Bouillabaisse”. Nineteenth century French author Alexander Dumas called ‘Marseille “the meeting place of the entire world”. In Marseille 50 percent are French nationals and the other half are north and sub-Saharan African, Asian and non-French European. The city has a lot of interesting sights such as “OK Corral western themed amusement park” and the “Aqua City Water Park”. Marseille has plenty of picturesque buildings and museums for visitors who can spend plenty of time in exploring. Marseille is a city with diverse culture. There traditions in this old city are kept alive through cultural music, art and theatre. The Opera de Marseille is where maximum number of locals as well as tourists is spotted, they visit this place to listen to classical music concerts and sometimes a professional opera also take place. There are theatres in Marseille that have a variety of performances throughout the year. There have been many silver screen movies filmed in the city of Marseille.

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Being based in the UK, a quick trip across the ocean to the South of France is a very popular option for many here, while the beau


2) Musee Des Civilisations De L’Europe Et De La Mediterranee

6) Musee D’Histoire De Marseille

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Marseille is the second largest city in France and the largest in the French Riviera region. The city offers a more authentic Fren


Where to Stay in Marseille

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Marseille 7 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Marseille?

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