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"Toulouse is such an interesting city, and St Sernin Basilica is only one of the highlights."albomadventures.com
"Toulouse is wonderful, and I have great memories of the city, and its food and wine too!"totraveltoo.com
"Toulouse is called the 'ville rose' because of the reddish-pinkish bricks used in its buildings."justgoplacesblog.com
"Toulouse is a destination full of culinary delights, stunning architecture and modern technology."foodtravelist.com
"Toulouse is one of the most beautiful cities I've known."totraveltoo.com
"Toulouse is also the by far the biggest city in the region of Occitanie."justgoplacesblog.com

South France

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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS)

Castres-Mazamet Airport (DCM)

About Toulouse

Toulouse is located in, Southwest France (France in detail) on the bank of the Garonne River. It has population amounting to 1,117,000 and is the fifth-largest city in France. Toulouse's lies, on the banks of the Garonne. Its name is inspired from a pre-Celtic word of Aquitain. It was once considered as a major metropolis of Western Europe, but in the 18th and 19th centuries, the progress went into slow pace, completely missing the Industrial Revolution. The city was relocated in 20th century, by the French central government. In sports, it boasts a respected rugby team, Stade Toulousain, which has been a three-time finalist and two-time winner in Europe's top club competition in the sport, the Heineken Cup.

Things to do

The first place visitors like to see is the Capitole. Photo © Nancy D. Brown I also take visitors to the Victor Hugo covered food


Things to see and do in Toulouse

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Toulouse is one destination that you have to give some quality time to visit. Toulouse is the capital of the region Haute Garonne


Things To Do in Toulouse

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Spending a weekend in Toulouse or moving there for a semester abroad? I lived in Toulouse for 3 years. Here are my top things to d


my top things to do in Toulouse.

18 things to do in Toulouse

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It’s been 3 days since we returned from Toulouse and while my memories are still fresh, I wanted to share them with you. And of co

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The Toulouse Tourism Pass is a city card which gets you free public transport, free entry to several attractions and discounts on

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If you speak a bit of French and like chocolate, you should know that in Toulouse they don’t say Pain au Chocolat but Chocolatine. ...

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– Hotel Innes is part of the Best Western chain, yet has the feel of a chic boutique hotel. The stylish interiors, from the lobby

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. by Sofitel’s MGallery is located in the heart of historic Toulouse, walking distance to everything in the city and public trans

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Pullman Toulouse Centre: Another five-star option, the Pullman is sleek and modern. Also pet-friendly with family rooms, it has a

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