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"Berchtesgaden is also famous as being the place where Adolf Hitler built his command post and underground bunkers during World War II."earthtrekkers.com
"Berchtesgaden: A stunning national park, one of my favourites in Germany (more about Germany)."happytowander.com
"Berchtesgaden is a picture postcard lovely city with intricate buildings that step up the hillsides below dramatic mountains."explorationvacation.net
"Berchtesgaden is a quaint Bavarian town located in southern, Germany."travelynnfamily.com
"Berchtesgaden is even beautiful underground."travelingmitch.com
"Berchtesgaden is partially known for its role in Nazi history."travelingmitch.com

Southeast Germany

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Salzburg Airport (SZG)

About Berchtesgaden

At Berchtesgaden live about 7,655 people. Furthermore, the nearest big city of Berchtesgaden is Salzburg. Berchtesgaden is located in southwest Germany. Furthermore, Berchtesgaden is located next to lakes. You will find a lot of nature in Berchtesgaden.

Things to do

Berchtesgaden National Park has plenty of opportunities for exploring its 81 square miles. From alpine hiking to cable

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The first site, the Documentation Obersalzerg center, really tells the story of howhow Hitler used Berchtesgaden and its tradition


What Else to do in Berchtesgaden

What better place than sunny, idyllic Berchtesgaden, Bavaria for a mad man to rise to power?

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Eat & drink

Besides the restaurant atop Jenner Mountain, there are several places to stop and enjoy a bite and beer on your hike down.

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Worth to visit

A great way to spend a week. I am sure you will get to Taiwan soon. It is on my list too. I’m smitten! The nearest we’ve been to t

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So, now that we’ve enticed you to visit. Let’s talk about the practicalities of getting to the park and making the most of out of your visit! ...

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Documentation Center Obersalzberg entry is 3 euro for adults, free for children, military and teachers with ID. More informationcan be found here ...

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In this post, you can find an honest review of our stay in the Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden. In Germany, for 56 Euros yo


Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden.

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