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"Bremen is a charming historic town located in the north of Germany (Germany itineraries)."travelnuity.com
"Bremen is also known for having one of the best Christmas markets in Germany."travelpassionate.com
"Bremen is maybe not the biggest city in the world but for sure one of the most charming."arzotravels.com
"Bremen is a very nice historical town with an English feel but then again, i say the same thing about Heidelberg which reminds me of York (more about York itineraries) lol!"rachelsruminations.com
"Bremen is often considered a town by Americans, but actually, it is a city."arzotravels.com
"Bremen is cheaper than Hamburg (more about Hamburg itineraries) or Munich - and while it is less famous, it is definitely not less worthy of a visit."arzotravels.com

North Germany

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Bremen Airport (BRE)

Bremerhaven Airport (BRV)

About Bremen

Bremen is a city with a population of 661,716. Besides the nearest big city is Hamburg (plan Hamburg itineraries). It is great for a trip with much cultural experiences. Besides this city is in north Germany. There are many historic relevant places. Besides it offers you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake.

Things to do

Fun Things to Do in Bremen

I had never heard of Bremen before moving to Germany (plan Germany itineraries), but was pleasantly surprised at all this historic city has to offer. - Jus


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25 Fascinating Things To Do in Bremen, Germany

Is Bremen, Germany worth visiting? Fun Fact: Bremenis actually its own state in Germany (Germany in detail) cal


Top Things to Do in Bremen, Germany

Let’s Explore Some Awesome Things to Do in Bremen, Germany!

Speicher XI Dockland Museum

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10 Magical Things to do in Bremen, Germany in Winter

Visit Bremen, Germany in the winter for a magical fairytale winter wonderland and some of the best German Christmas Markets! Visit


Explore the Christmas Market in Old Town Bremen

Free Map: Things to Do in Bremen, Germany

Explore the

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Eat & drink

Cafe Sand

One of the best things to do in Bremen in summer is to visit Cafe Sand. At least f you are looking for an “authentic Carribean” fe


Where to Eat in Bremen

Camarillo restaurant

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Eat at the Ratskeller

A 600-year old relic, the Ratskeller is an integral piece of Bremen’s history. Famous dignitaries and notables visiting the Bremen

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Worth to visit

Bremen is worth to visit

The city is known as one of the most unusual and friendly cities in Germany. It is known for the fairytale. Do you know about the

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Bremen, Germany

. confession: we actually plan quite a lot of our travels based on photos and food…) ...

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Address: Wiener Straße 1A, 28359 Bremen, Germany

These days, there are no enemies threatening the city, so you can stroll the park checking out sculptures, fountains, and animals

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Budget: As Cheap as Possible

It is honestly the most comfortable and well-furnished dorm we’ve ever stayed in. The dorms are POSH, like an apartment that just

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Hoteltest: Hotel INNSIDE Bremen by Melia

Für den Totensonntag, an welchem Aufgrund des Tanzverbotes kein DJ arbeitet, lud der Branchentreff Mobile Entertain nach Bremen ei

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Beck’s Brewery

Speaking of Beck’s, you might not have known that Bremen is actually the home of Beck’s beer! Founded back in 1873, Beck’s is a be

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