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"Cologne is a historical town on the banks of Rhein river."purewander.com
"Cologne is dominated by its large gothic cathedral, beneath which is one of Cologne's 7 Christmas markets arranged around an enormous Christmas tree."eatlikeagirl.com
"Cologne is vibrant and beautiful cultural city and has many museums and hundreds of inspirational galleries."travelfashiongirl.com
"Cologne is known for its traditional Rhineland foods, including himmel und ad mit flonz, sauerbraten, and halver hahn."thesavvybackpacker.com
"Cologne is Germany (Germany in detail)'s cultural and historical capital."expatkings.com
"Cologne is also known for its museums and art galleries, but we only had time to visit the Romisch-Germanisches Museum next to the Dom."travelingwithsweeney.com

West Germany

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Christmas Market



3-4 nights


Moderate (4 of 5)

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Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)

Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)

Essen/Mülheim Airport (ESS)

Mönchengladbach Airport (MGL)

Aachen Merzbrück Airfield (AAH)

About Cologne

The big city Cologne has a population of 1,075,935. And Cologne gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake. In Cologne you find many historic places. And Cologne is in east Germany. It fits perfect for a cultural trip.

Things to do

3 days in Cologne should be enough time to see the majority of the sights the city has to offer. ...

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A London travel & lifestyle blog for people with a 9 - 5 THINGS TO SEE & DO IN COLOGNE - ULTIMATE SIGHTSEEING GUIDE Cologne, Germa


Aqualand Alternative Things To Do in Cologne Visit

Final Thoughts on Places To See in Cologne

Visit Cologne Old Town

Top Places To Visit In Cologne - Cologne Cathedral/ Kölner Dom

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As wonderful as it was to visit Cologne during our first visit several years ago, we were thrilled to get a second “sniff of Colog


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Fun and interesting things to do in Cologne, Germany

Some of our favorite things to do in Cologne

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Eat & drink

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Drink mate

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Worth to visit

I actually googled this very phrase when I was planning my trip to Germany. I was extremely indecisive about whether or not to sto

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Here is a guide to everything you need to know about visiting Cologne, Germany. Read on to learn everything you need to know when

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Located in the western half of Germany is Cologne - a beautiful 2000-year-old city nestled along the Rhine River. Köln, as the cit

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After two months in Patagonia we were still struggling to get real a sense of the local vibe. One afternoon at Colonia Suiza was a

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Some cards may have been sitting there for decades just waiting for you - it’s one of Julia’s favourite shops in the commercial centre. ...

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. opposite Cologne cathedral is a good place to indulge in a spot of people watching while enjoying coffee and cake in the shade.

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When you spend two days in Cologne, you can't help but meet these three characters. The Dom, the Bridge and the Kölsch ...

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Those 5 things are the core of what to do in Cologne when you only have one day. Of course, there are a lot more Cologne attractio

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The destruction of the city has resulted in a mishmash of architecture that is a contrasting mix of old and new. ...

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. and a budget of about € 40.00 – 60.00 per day should be more than enough. ...

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How do you get find out about the best of Colognes tourist attractions and history when you are on a tight time frame? Free walkin

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. in a private room. Hostel Köln offers free wifi and breakfast as well as computers to work on in the lobby. My room was equippe

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Is one day in Cologne just not quite enough? There are a crazy amount of different hotel options in the city. However, if you want

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There are no shortages of places to stay in Cologne. There are numerous hostels in Cologne as well as plenty of hotels too. ...

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