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"Dresden is a city of grandeur whose architecture will leave you awe struck."halfthisworldaway.com
"Dresden is a beautiful historical city lying at the banks of River Elbe."katiespostcard.com
"Dresden is quite an upscale destination and there are a lot of expensive food options."bbqboy.net
"Dresden is one of the cities I've earmarked) Ihave to visit in central Europe before I die!"bbqboy.net
"Dresden is one of the best European cities to visit in December."travelnotesandbeyond.com
"Dresden is the German city where you will discover the most significant number of markets to celebrate Christmas."europeupclose.com

East Germany

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Dresden Airport (DRS)

About Dresden

At the city Dresden live about 486,854 people. Besides Dresden is in west Germany (more about Germany). It provides a lot of unique culture.

Things to do

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10 Free Things To Do In Dresden

Dresden is a historic city of deep significance since World War II. The target of some of the war’s most extensive bombing campaig

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Top things to do in Dresden: day 2

That’s right, on my second full day in Dresden I actually spent 11 hours wandering around, minus a small lunch break. I loved every minute of it. ...

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Eat & drink

Food at Falscher Hase

We ate our dinner at Falscher Hase vegan restaurant. There are plenty of options all around if you fancy something different. We o

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Dinner Tip: Neustadt Restaurants & Kathy’s Garage

On the other side of the river Elbe, the Neustadt has a diverse and concentrated landscape of restaurants ,bars, and cafés.

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Dresden Castle:

In 1697, Augustus the Strong became ruler of Saxony, one of the largest territories in Europe (bigger than the present-day German

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Worth to visit

Gay Dresden Travel Guide - Germany

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Taking pictures of Dresden, Germany

Even though I only spent a couple of days in Dresden, I really wanted to find some of the best photo spots in the city. ...

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The Reconstruction of Dresden, Germany

I’m starting this post with a photo. It’s a photo that depicts one of the best aspects of travel. It’s a simple photo but it says

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General Information about Dresden

Dresden is situated in the far east corner of Germany, close to the Czech Republic border. From here it is only a short 1.5 hours

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Dresden Ice Sculpture Exhibition

The Dresden ice sculpture exhibition, Eiswelt Dresden, runs until the 25th of February 2018. This a a review of our families visit

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24 Hours in Dresden Germany, Day Trip Itinerary •

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Our Romantic Dresden Itinerary

The Dresden Eldland region is one of the most romantic destinations in Germany, showcasing a unique combination of natural scenery

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Where to stay

We curated the best hotels in the world based on location and your specific needs as a traveller. ...

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Where to Stay in Dresden

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Dresden. ...


Dresden 5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Dresden?

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Where to Stay In Dresden

If you are planning on visiting Dresden and doesn’t know where to stay, I can advise you to stay at the Cityherberge . The hostel

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