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"Frankfurt is definitely a place that can appeal to all types of travelers."barbaralicious.com
"Frankfurt is perhaps in the middle of the world and offers connectivity to many other parts of the world."lemonicks.com
"Frankfurt is one of the main financial hubs in Germany (visit Germany itineraries) - and the only city with an impressive skyline."arzotravels.com
"Frankfurt is located along the river Main, and is officially known as 'Frankfurt am Main'."europediaries.com
"Frankfurt is a beautiful city but if you like nature and less busy places, you should absolutely check out the surroundings."reflectionsenroute.com
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Middle Germany

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Christmas Market
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Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)

Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (QEF)

Mannheim-City Airport (MHG)

About Frankfurt

At the city Frankfurtin the country Germany live about over 650,000 people. Furthermore, Frankfurt offers a lot of interesting culture. Cologne is the name of the nearest neighbour city. Furthermore, this city is located in center Germany.

Things to do

Frankfurt is one of those cities where travellers pass through but rarely stop. This is a shame. Plus, with one of Europe’s bigges

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Let us walk you around and show the best things to do in Frankfurt, a city where we lived for three years. Frankfurt am Main in Ge


What to do in Frankfurt in winter?

What to do in Frankfurt in summer?

3 thoughts on “Things to Do in Frankfurt: Explore the City Like a Local”

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From the Old Town, filled with beautiful and quaint buildings, to the sweeping countryside that surrounds the financial hub! Frank

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Eat & drink

So, I have amazing friends. They are all spread out around the world and this gives me an awesome excuse to travel and visit them,

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These are places that you probably wouldn’t find if you were just here as a tourist. These are locally known and cool spots. Great

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The best traditional restaurants can be found in Sachsenhausen – we ended in Atschel, without knowing it is one of the best. Don’t

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Public transport is easy to navigate in Frankfurt – but do make sure you purchase a ticket. People check for tickets, and if you d

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For groups of 4 or 5 people, the Frankfurt group card is usually worthwhile, even without using public transport, as you can see i


Conclusion – Should I purchase the Frankfurt card?

Should I tip in Frankfurt?

Entrance fee architecture museum:

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This Frankfurt itinerary is designed to show you everything you need to see with just 1 day in Frankfurt. So, let’s get to it, sha


The Perfect 1-Day Frankfurt Itinerary

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Are you in Frankfurt for one day and have no idea what to do? You can find so many amazing places to visit in Frankfurt If you onl

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There are tall TV screens to display various departure times, but only for flights departing from Terminal 2. I saw Delta, Emirate

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Of course, that depends on your travel style and the sights you want to see. Basically, Frankfurt is not more expensive than other

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When it comes to where to stay in Frankfurt, let me tell you that there are no dearth of option. However, if you want to stay in t

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This neighborhood is best known for its classic styled streets, cobbled and lined with apfelwein pubs. A great place to stay in Fr


Where to stay near Hauptbanhof

Where to stay in Westend

Where to stay in Innenstadt

Where to stay in Nordend

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Frankfurt is one of Germany’s biggest cities, a major financial hub, and home to the European Central Bank. It’s famed for its rec


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