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"Heidelberg is also home to the oldest university in Germany."gypsynester.com
"Heidelberg is a small but beautiful city in South Germany, and is perfect for nature lovers."europediaries.com
"Heidelberg is home to Germany's oldest university - the Heidelberg University founded in the 14th century."gobeyondbounds.com
"Heidelberg is said to be one of the most romantic cities in Germany."europediaries.com
"Heidelberg is one of my favorite cities in Germany, and the beautiful castle only adds to the allure."outofoffice.blog
"Heidelberg is truly an amazing German city with lots of interesting and historical landmarks."bbqboy.net

South Germany

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Mannheim-City Airport (MHG)

Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (QEF)

Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)

About Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a town in the country Germany with a population of 156,267. Further the nearest neighbour city is Frankfurt. This town is in center Germany. Further in Heidelberg you find many historic places.

Things to do

Since there’s so much to do and see in Heidelberg, it can be difficult to find what to spend time seeing. So much history can be s


Things to do in Heidelberg

(Old Town)

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Heidelberg is a delightful university town in Germany, set by the banks of the River Neckar, with a picturesque ruined castle on t

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I’ve already described the wonderful experiences I had in the Capital of Christmas – Strasbourg, one of the most famous spa towns


7. Soak the Spirit of the Old Town

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Eat & drink

At this time of year I’m looking for dishes that are comforting against the cold of winter and the Heidelberg food specialties we


Heidelberg Where to Eat

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Granny talked a lot about food in her journal, which makes me laugh because most of my conversations with people, when discussing

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So, this was my list of the best food I’ve had in Europe so far. I’ll surely keep adding to this list , as and when I visit more p

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Worth to visit

I have been living in Europe for the last six years and with my aim of spending less while seeing more, always carry out extensive

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. red castle sitting high up on hill above old town things to do in heidelberg germany red castle sitting high up on hill above o

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After your fix of culture, why not hit the shops? Heidelberg has a really super shopping street with loads of different brands. Be

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Public transport is easy to navigate in Frankfurt – but do make sure you purchase a ticket. People check for tickets, and if you d

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Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Heidelberg. ...


Where to stay in Heidelberg for nightlife!

Heidelberg 7 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Heidelberg?

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Having gone over the different accommodations – hotels, guesthouses, apartments, and hostels – it’s time to check out the differen


Hotels in Heidelberg

Luxury Hotels in Heidelberg

Hostels in Heidelberg

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Heidelberg

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. during their visit to Heidelberg. Located in the middle of the Altstadt, the hotel is a beautiful Renaissance building dating f

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