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"Konstanz is located in the south of Germany bordering Switzerland."footinstincts.com
"The city of Konstanz is on the border of Switzerland."nomadicnotes.com
"Konstanz: shopping, fish and turtles."simplefamilytravel.net

South Germany

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Christmas Market



2-3 nights


Moderate (4 of 5)

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Around Konstanz


Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH)

St Gallen Altenrhein Airport (ACH)

Zürich Airport (ZRH)

Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport (HOH)

About Konstanz

At the town Konstanz live about 81,275 people. It is located next to lakes. This town is in south Germany. Konstanz provides a lot of culture. Stuttgart is the name of the nearest neighbour city.

Things to do

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Eat & drink

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