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"Munich is a cosmopolitan city with an amazing mix of historic sites and modern, trendy life."migratingmiss.com
"Munich is sprinkled with history in every nook and corner."travelingmitch.com
"Munich (plan Munich itineraries) is one of the easiest and cheapest airports to fly into."reflectionsenroute.com
"Munich is a great city to explore, with all of its historical monuments alongside cafes and green parks."veronikasadventure.com
"Munich is huge and has a lot to offer; there are palaces, parks, statues and numerous museums that travelers will love."ivasays.com
"Munich (see itineraries) is a city that does, in fact, own its history and has learned from the good and bad they've experienced."acouplefortheroad.com

South Germany

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Christmas Market



3-4 nights


Moderate (4 of 5)

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Munich Airport (MUC)

Augsburg Airport (AGB)

Ingolstadt Manching Airport (IGS)

About Munich

At the big city Munich live about 1,260,391 people. Also Munich is in center Germany. It offers a lot of unique culture.

Things to do

2 days in Munich: What to do and see

Munich (plan Munich itineraries)! Isn’t that that pretentious city in the south of Germany where the supermarkets don’t open past 8 pm and there are draconi


The Viktualienmarkt food market

22places.com > 2 Days In Munic

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Things To Do in Munich in Winter

Are you considering visiting Munich in winter? We visited back in the 80s and fell in love with the vibrant Christmas Markets, the

totraveltoo.com > Things To Do In Munich In Winte

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Things To Do In Munich

I didn’t have enough time to even scratch the surface of what the Bavarian capital has to offer (and trust me, there’s absolutely

scribblesnaptravel.com > Things To Do In Munic

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Eat & drink

A Vegan Eating Guide to Munich in Germany: The Best Restaurants & Cafés

During our three nights in Munich, we were able to eat atexclusively all-vegan restaurants and cafés. In other words, Munich is an


all-vegan café serving breakfast

Vegan Eating Guide to Munich in Germany: The Best Restaurants & Cafés

northabroad.com > A Vegan Eating Guide To Munich Germany The Best Restaurants Cafe

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My Favorite Places to Eat in Munich: Guide from a Expat

OK, now that I’ve spilled my favourite places to eat in Munich, foodies let me know yours. - Be sure to check out my Munich City


My Favorite Place to Eat in Munich When I Want a Nice Meal:

monkeysandmountains.com > Favorite Places To Eat In Munic

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Oktoberfest: Beers, Tents, Facts & Fun - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This post is massive at over 3500 words I wanted it to be the ultimate guide to everything Oktoberfest. We had an excellent experi


Oktoberfest FAQ Guide:

activebackpacker.com > Oktoberfest Guide Tents Beers Fact

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Worth to visit

Winter in Munich, Germany

1 Best Things to Do in Winter in Munich - 1.1 TRAVEL TIPS FOR YOUR TRIP TO MUNICH IN WINTER - 1.1.1 Weather in Munich in Winter

arzotravels.com > Winter In Munic

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Friendly and Easy Munich Germany.

I was a walking cliche in Munich. I happily tried on dirndl dresses, drank beer out of steins larger than my head and of course, w


2 thoughts on “Friendly and Easy Munich Germany.”

travelationship.com > Munic

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{TRAVEL} Germany, wordless

I would like to present you with a small glimpse of our trip to Germany, wordless. Peek into the days we spent exploring Frankfurt

immigrantstable.com > Germany Wordles

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10 reasons to visit Minca

In the north of Colombia (plan Colombia itineraries) lies the mountain town of Minca in the jungle. . In fact, our visit to Minca was largely a success becaus

theorangebackpack.nl > En > Colombia En > 10 Reasons To Visit Minc

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The Viktualienmarkt – Insider tips for Munich

I love the Viktualienmarkt. I honestly do! What makes the Viktualienmarkt so special is that it is not an exclusive tourist thing.

annees de pelerinage.com > Viktualienmarkt Munich Insider Tip

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Ten Reasons to Love The Oktoberfest! - Reflections Enroute

, you inevitably think of the Oktoberfest! Everyone has heard of the world-famous Oktoberfest. If you are one of the millions that


32 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Love The Oktoberfest!”

Here are our ten reasons you should not miss the amazing German Oktoberfest!

reflectionsenroute.com > Ten Reasons To Love The Oktoberfes

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1 week Bavaria Germany Itinerary

Contents hide 1 1 week Bavaria Germany Itinerary 1.1 Day1: Munich (plan Munich itineraries) to Rothenburg 1.1.1 What To See & Do In Rothenburg 1.2 Day2: Rot


1 Week Bavaria Itinerary: Cost

footloosedev.com > Bavaria Germany Week Itinerar

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5-10 Day Bavaria Itinerary

1 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN BAVARIA IN 5-10 DAYS - 1.1 Travel Tips FOR Bavaria in 5-10 Days - 1.1.1 How to Get to Bavaria - 1.2 Th

arzotravels.com > Bavaria Itinerar

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One Week in Munich: an Itinerary

Lederhosen? Giant pretzels? Check. Half-liter steins of beer? Outside things are limited, but if you come in late November up unti

travel made simple.com > Things To Do In Munic

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Visiting Munich on a budget

From lavish palaces and world-class art museums to lederhosen and oompah bands, Munich’s unique mix of history, culture and plenty

ontheluce.com > Visiting Munich On A Budge

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21 AMAZING TOURS in Munich [For all Budgets!

Whether you want to drink Bavarian beer, go surfing in a river, visit world-famous art galleries, explore historical sites, eat in


How much do tours in Munich typically cost?

oneweirdglobe.com > Best Tours In Munich German

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Practical info and costs

Currently, it costs 7 Euros to visit the Munich Residenz, plus an additional 7 Euros to visit the treasury and 3.50 Euros to go in

templesandtreehouses.com > 25 Photos To Inspire You To Visit The Munich Residen

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Hotels in Minca

Minca is still new on the gringo trail, so accommodations can still be quite rustic. We opted to rent a house around 0.3 miles (0.

familycantravel.com > Minca Colombia With Kid

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De mooiste hotels en hostels in Minca

Wakker worden met een mountain view? ‘s Avonds vanaf je hutje genieten van een prachtige zonsondergang? Chillen op de grootste han

theorangebackpack.nl > Colombia > De Mooiste Hotels En Hostels In Minc

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Hotel or Hostel in Minca: Decide Where To stay

Hotel and Hostels in Minca are many and scattered all over the place. You will need the best information to find your soulmate-acc


1. Check how far is your hotel

3. Different types of hotels

tomplanmytrip.com > Hotel Hostel Minca Guide Accommodatio

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