Ghana: Itineraries & tips

"Ghana is the ultimate West African destination."oneworld365.org
"Ghana is a hardship posting due to its lack of infrastructure, medical facilities, health risks such as Malaria and other challenges commonly faced by developing countries."ourglobetrotters.com
"Ghana is one of my favorite countries."tiffany-travels.com
"Ghana is peaceful, relatively accessible with friendly people."travellemming.com
"Ghana: Visit the Makola Market in Accra."52perfectdays.com
"Ghana is still a developing country with much progress to be made."oneworld365.org

Ghana location

Western Africa


Land borders

Burkina Faso

Ivory Coast


Ghana at a glance

Ghana cedi (GHS)




Average (3 of 5)

Level of costs

None (3 of 5)

Tourism trend change

Very safe (73 / 100)

Safety index

Underdeveloped (60 / 100)

Human development index

Best itineraries

At Ghana the itinerary will begin. After that the itinerary proceeds Togo and Benin. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
Do you like museums? Then you will enjoy
Accra and Kumasi. If you love to make party you will be happy at Accra. The climate is hot. Safe countries are chosen but be carefully in Benin. As a Austria (visit Austria itineraries) citizen you must get the valid visa before for Ghana. For in Togo and Benin it is possible to request the visa on arrival. During your travel you have to speak English and French but english should be enough for communication everywhere. Ghana cedi and CFA Franc BCEAO are necessary to pay. As a Austria (see itineraries) citizen you use electronic with power sockets of the type C/F.

Things to do

Accra (plan Accra itineraries) is Ghana’s largest and capital city, so there’s no shortage of things to do. In fact, you may even be overwhelmed. What foll


What to see and do in Kumasi

What to see in do in Cape Coast

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Eat & drink

Politeness goes a long way, and when locals see that you’re making an effort to learn their language and greet them, they’ll respe

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Before I start and share my experiences, I like to look at the research first. You can compare your own country with Ghana through

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Voordat ik begin met mijn eigen ervaringen te delen, zou ik eerst graag willen vermelden wat de wetenschap zegt over de mensen in

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Ghana is a great place to start your travels in this part of the world. English speaking, good transport links and its reputation

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Today, Ghana is known for its emerging economy, technological advancements, and recent strong focus on tourism. Ghana has recently


In Summary

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Ghana is an exciting country that’s worth a visit. Even if you’re short on time, one week is just enough to take in the most popul

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In terms of how to get there, most international flights to Ghana arrive in and depart from Accra (plan Accra itineraries)’s Kotoka Airport. This means tha

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