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"Athens (more about Athens itineraries) is Europe's oldest city and offers a treasure trove of history, great food, beaches and much more to visitors."wanderlustmarriage.com
"Athens (plan Athens itineraries) is one of the few capitals in Europe to have beaches."wanderlustmarriage.com
"Athens is one of the most exciting and coolest cities in the world!"globalgrasshopper.com
"Athens is a very popular city especially during the high season and the queues for the Acropolis, and the museums are big."travelpassionate.com
"Athens (plan Athens itineraries) is indeed a place to fill you with wonder as you walk in the footsteps of an extraordinary culture."etramping.com
"Athens is one of the few capitals in Europe to have beaches on its doorstep."wanderlustmarriage.com

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Greece Athens Tours organizes great private or group tours in Greece and shore excursions from Piraeus cruise ships to Athens and mainland Greece.

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Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (ATH)

About Athens

Athens is a city in the country Greece with a population of 664,046. Besides Athens is the capital of Greece. Athens is well known for the outstanding nightlife. Besides adore the wonderful walks along the sea at Athens. In Athens you find many historic places. Besides it is great for a trip with much cultural experiences. This city is in center Greece.

Things to do

7 Cool Things To See and Do in Athens

You might not need Urban Travel Blog to tell you about the Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill, the Athenian Rivera or Gazi So without furt


1# Gypsy Market

urbantravelblog.com > Secret > Things To Do Athen

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Top Things To Do In Athens

A Byzantine cistern at the base of the Acropolis of Athens (plan Athens itineraries). In Greece a monumental Propylon provided the entrance to the sanctuary

touristtube.com > Things To Do In Athens

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things to do in Athens.

Explore the Athenian Riviera, stroll through the National Park, take a grand shopping tour, visit the ancient Greek theater, dance


opening hours

limitlesstravelling.com > Top Things To Do In Athen

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Eat & drink

The Ultimate Athens Food Guide: Where and What to Eat in Greece

The Athens Food Guide: What You Need to Know About Where to Eat in Greece Our ultimate Athens Food Guide brings you restaurants,


A Museum Dedicated to Food and Art

Where to Eat Lunch in Athens

Michelin Starred Restaurants

Athens Food Guide Top Tips

insidethetravellab.com > Athens Food Guid

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Pelagos restaurant

Mercato restaurant – Italian tastes for lunch and dinner. It is also operating in the morning for coffee with fresh pastries. ...


Mercato restaurant

Helios Mexican restaurant

Astir Beach restaurant

limitlesstravelling.com > Exploring The Four Seasons Astir Palace Athen

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Alternative Athens food tour: eat like a local

The small, local company aims to take you away from touristy destinations in favor of a more authentic Greek experience. We met

thesweetwanderlust.com > Sweets Eats > Alternative Athens Food Tour Greec

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Worth to visit

Is Athens worth visiting?

Athens (Athens itineraries) used to have a reputation as a somewhat grittycity – a place to fly into just because you had to if you wan

sandinmysuitcase.com > Athens Ancient Treasures Modern Delight

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Why is the Pnyx Important?

The assembly would meet about 10 times a year, sometimes more, to debate and vote on such issues as war and peace, as well as larg

archaeology travel.com > Greece > Athens And Attica > Pnyx Hil

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#5 Acropolis Museum is worth it

. is mandatory if you really want to understand what you’re looking at when you get up there. On my first trip to Athens, we got

goingawesomeplaces.com > 2 Days In Athens Itinerar

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5 Tips for Visiting Athens

Athens is a big cruise port and many people start or end their cruises in Athens. It could be the stunning panoramic views in Sant


Just A Few Tips for Visiting Athens

5 Tips For Visiting Athens

retiredandtravelling.com > 5 Tips For Visiting Athen

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Athens Cruise Shore Excursion Ideas: 5 Unusual Experiences

Although your cruise company will have excursions available for purchase, it’s sometimes more funto plan you

travelwithbender.com > Travel Blog > Greece > Athens Cruise Shore Excursion

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TBEX Athens 2014: Thoughts, Preparation, Expectations

As a read more and more about it I’m becoming more and more excited andinsecureat the same time. Excited, because I’m eager to lea


Expectations = Goals

travellingbuzz.com > Tbex Athens 201

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2 Days in Athens Itinerary

Planning on spending 2 days in Athens? Well, you’re in luck that Athens also happen to be a very compact city, giving you the opti


Am I Missing Anything from my Two Day Athens Itinerary?

jonesaroundtheworld.com > 2 Days In Athens Itinerar

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One day in Athens - 2 awesome itinerary options - Daily Travel Pill

With a rich history and delicious food, Athens (plan Athens itineraries) is Greece’s cultural melting pot. If you only have one day in Athens (plan Athens itineraries), this guide is


1. Athens one-day itinerary

One day in Athens – 2 awesome itinerary options

dailytravelpill.com > One Day In Athens The Perfect Itinerar

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Exploring the Saronic Gulf Islands & a Suggested 2020/1 Itinerary

4 Getting Around the Saronic Gulf - 4.1 Costs of Sailing around the Saronic Gulf The islands of the Saronic Gulf have long attra


1 thought on “Exploring the Saronic Gulf Islands & a Suggested Saronic Gulf Itinerary 2020/1”

highheelsandabackpack.com > Saronic Gulf Itinerar

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Easy budget travel tips for Athens, Greece

We lived in Athens (plan Athens itineraries), Greece, for one month and there were a few ways we saved money in some of our biggest spending categories: hou


One thought on “Easy budget travel tips for Athens, Greece”

earthvagabonds.com > Retired Budget Travel Tips For Athens Greec

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Backpacker and budget travel to Athens & Greek islands

Santorini & other islands ranked cheaper to visit than Athens (see itineraries) for backpackers & budget travellers – Page 2 – MY GREECE TRAVEL BLOG ...

mygreecetravelblog.com > Santorini Other Islands Ranked Cheaper To Visit Than Athens For Backpackers Budget Travellers >

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Acropolis of Athens Travel Tips

On a trip to Athens, you could easily spend a day admiring the views of the city from the Acropolis and exploring its dedicated mu

chantae.com > Acropolis Athens Travel Tips Greec

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7 Best Family Hotels in Athens - Where to Stay with Kids

Athens is packed with tourists from early May until late October – book hotels as early as possible. A for Athens is a good mid-


Athens Hotels for Families – Where To Stay

Athens with Kids – The Best Family Hotels

The 7 Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Athens

santorinidave.com > Athens Family Hotels

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Boutique Hotels in Athens: Where To Stay in Style in the Greek Capital

. is a vibrant city with a fresh and exciting design scene. It was a real joy to discover that there are some magnificent, top qu

brightnomad.net > Stylish Boutique Hotels In Athens Greec

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Hotel Review: Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens

The hotel underwent an 82 million Euro restoration which meant reconstructing the hotel from top to bottom. For an honest review o


Noise Levels

likeachieff.com > Hotel Review Hotel Grande Bretagne Athen

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