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"Chania is particularly a foodie haven, and a gorgeous destination."wanderlustmarriage.com
"Chania is home to a maritime museum and an archaeological museum."travelgreecetraveleurope.com
"Chania is another one of those historic sights and to be honest, I wasn't keen to go to."travelettes.net
"Chania is a former Venetian colony and one of the foodie capitals of Greece."wanderlustmarriage.com
"Chania is easy to visit thanks to the abundance of paid parking options around town."thefamilyvoyage.com
"Chania is another of the islands gorgeous cities to visit."handluggageonly.co.uk

Great Tips and Pictures from the largest island of Greece

Get all necessary info for your stay in Crete. Many articles from local insiders.

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About Chania

(Greece) Chania has over 98,202 people living there. Besides enjoy the beautiful beaches at Chania. Chania is in south Greece (plan Greece itineraries). Besides it fits perfect for a cultural trip. The nearest big city of Chania is Athens.

Things to do

Things to do in Chania (places and things to do

Things to do in Chania. Chania is one of themost stunning cities in Cretelocated on the northwest coast of the island. These are c


Things to do in Chania

Explore the Old Venetian Harbor

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Crete in October - Things to do in Crete during your holidays in October

Visiting Crete in October is a great choice, as the weather is still warm and you can still swim in the sea. At the same time, Cre


Best things to do in Crete in October

Crete in October – Things to do in Crete during your holidays in October

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10 Things to Do With Kids in Western Crete

And you can totally see why, right?? You could spend a week on each one and it would take you almost four and a half years! Myko


6. Discover local artisans

4. Walk around the harbor to see the lighthouse and Old Town

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Eat & drink

» El Nido Mini Guide

Anda berada di hamparan laut biru jernih, sejernih kristal. Tebing yang begitu tinggi dan kokoh, pantai yang yang begitu putih dan

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Cretan Food: Freshness and Tradition

Green Market, Chania, Crete, Greece - Pic by Gabi from The Tiny Book ...

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Suka Duka Foodies

. bagi foodies karena bisa mencicipi menu makanan terbaru di restoran atau cafe. ...


Foodies level food grammer

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Worth to visit

Why visit Crete

Greece’s largest island, Crete, lies to the south of the mainland. It might look small on the map, but due to its mountainous terr

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Villages worth visiting:

Food: you NEED to try: pastitsio, dakos/ kukuvagia, mousakas, bureki, lamp, sfakianes pites, snails, kaltsounia, gamopilafo, souvl

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1. Pusat Informasi Ciletuh Palabuhanratu

Trip saya dimulai dari Bandung. Berangkat dari muka Kantor Disbudpar Jawa Barat. Dengan menggunakan mobil travel menuju Sukabumi.


Pusat Informasi Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu

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A shopaholic, mau?

Maksud sejati dari belanja adalah untuk memenuhi kebutuhan. Tapi lama-lama kegiatan belanja berkembang jadi rekreasi. Pusat-pusat

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11 top reasons to visit Greece

Another fun feature in the summer issue is “60+ Reasons to Holiday in Greece (plan Greece itineraries),” in which 11 experts offer 66 reasons that “explain

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Two weeks in Crete in 2020

Organising a trip for two weeks in Crete is not as easy, I know, I have been through it. It is not just the distance, but the type


Read more below on a romantic itinerary

Read more below on a family itinerary

Read more below on a beach itinerary

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One week in Crete in 2020

One week in Crete will give you the possibility to experience the best that this island has to offer You can have a relaxing 7 day


Read more below on a full romantic itinerary

Read more below on a family itinerary

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Ultimate Crete itinerary in 3, 5, 7 or 14 days

In this guide, you will find all you need to design your Crete itinerary with maps and day-by-day activities to experience the bes


Best Crete Itinerary – In a nutshell

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Crete Island in Greece

The island of Crete was the first Greek island I ever visited on family-holidays. I was about 9 years old (which makes it some con

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Is Crete expensive? How to budget?

Crete guide: Getting ready for the winter in rural Crete: bringing the boats on the mountains ...

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highlights of Chania

The promenade lined with seafood restaurants and cafes is one of theliveliest places in Chaniaand a central touristic spot. Not fa

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The Best Hotels in Crete

. is a mid-sized city, less picturesque but definitely worth a visit. Knossosis the top historical site


The 9 Best Hotels in Chania

The Best Places in Crete – Where To Stay

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11 Best Family Hotels in Crete - Where to Stay with Kids

. is a little gritty, less picturesque, but definitely worth a visit. Knossosis the top historical site


Crete Family Hotels

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Airbnb Crete: Beautiful Places To Stay To in Chania

, then be sure to visit Chania as it is one of the most beautiful and dynamic towns on the island. Entrenched with a rich history,

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