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"Corfu is another one of the beautiful islands of the country that joins the Albanian Adriatic coast to the Ionian Sea."feetdotravel.com
"Corfu is really colourful and has a vibrant atmosphere with lots of culture and places to discover."oneworld365.org
"Corfu is located off the Greek coast and is second in size when compared to other islands of the Ionian sea and is a big island."agreekadventure.com
"Corfu is a beautiful, interesting island to explore."luxurytravelbible.com
"Corfu is known for another alcoholic beverage made from the fruit of their land - the kumquat."goworldtravel.com
"Corfu is alive, bursting with life in the bright sunshine."amaryroad.com

Northwest Greece

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Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (CFU)

About Corfu

Corfu is a village in the country Greece. Further this village is in east Greece (visit Greece itineraries). Adore the beautiful beaches at Corfu. Further the nearest city of Corfu is Skopje.

Things to do

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Beautiful Corfu is one of the largest most popular Greek islands and definitely worth a visit with your family. Corfu with kids of


Things to do in Corfu with Kids

1. Explore Corfu Town

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VISIT CORFU GREECECorfu is the capital city of the Greek island with the same name, located off the coast of Albania. On this page

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Eat & drink

Eating well is inevitable in Corfu. The Mediterranean diet is alive and well and in Corfu you’ll find fresh ingredients combined t

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Het all-inclusive programma Daphnila Bay Dassia biedt zeven restaurants waarvan vijf à la carte restaurant concepten. Tijdens ons

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Aristos- is a French fine dining a la carte restaurant located at the Corfu Imperial. Named after Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle

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Worth to visit

So there you are. Is Corfu worth visiting? Beautiful views, great beaches, delicious cuisine. We’re certainly booking our return trip this summer. ...


6 thoughts on “Is Corfu Worth Visiting? Definitely. Here’s Why.”

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Beautiful and perfectly situated at reasonable rates. If looking for an apartment, St. Spyridon Suite ...

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Nick the Greek told us with great authority that Corfu was the 3rd largest Greek island. Now because Nick the Greek could have tol

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Most of the houses in the city’s Old Town date from the 19th century, but you’ll still find the odd arch here and there that is so

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Greek cuisine is so decadently delicious so that many visitors who have tried it want to know more. Food lovers can get the chance

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This secluded pebbly beach is perfect for swimming though with its crystal clear seawater. ...

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Take a 3-minute aerial cruise above Corfu in this newly-released video, produced on behalf of the island’s port authority Video va

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A number of cheap budget airlines fly from northern Europeto Corfu. ...

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Eating a foreign cuisine on its home turf is one of the things we most look forward to when we travel. We try to make it a point t

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Old-time classic hotel with slightly dated, comfortable 2-bedroom suiteswith a lounge, marble bathrooms, mini-ba


The Best Family Hotels in Corfu

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Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Corfu. ...


Corfu 7 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Where to stay in Corfu for nightlife!

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Corfu?

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I have been to Corfu many times and have stayed at my friend’s house in Corfu town. On my recent visit, we stayed at the Marbella Corfu. ...

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