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"Nafplio is by far one of the most beautiful and romantic towns on Greece's coast, an."travelgreecetraveleurope.com
"Nafplio is famous for the production of komboloyia."travelpassionate.com
"Nafplio is around a two-hour drive from Athens."travelgreecetraveleurope.com
"Nafplio is a very special town within reach of Athens (Athens in detail)."travelgreecetraveleurope.com
"Nafplio is full of neoclassical buildings."travelpassionate.com
"Nafplio is a whole different experience."agreekadventure.com

Middle Greece

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Sparti Air Base (SPJ)

Porto Cheli Airport (PKH)

About Nafplio

Nafplio is a village in Greece with a population of 33,356. The nearest neighbour city is Athens. Enjoy the beautiful views over the sea at Nafplio. It is a green city with a lot of nature. This village is located in center Greece (more about Greece). Nafplio fits perfect for a cultural trip.

Things to do

Nafplio is by far one of the most beautiful and romantic towns on Greece’s coast, an easy day trip or weekend getaway from Athens (plan Athens itineraries).

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Peering out from Palamidi Castle, Nafplio Lovely little Nafplio is one of the most charming towns in the Peloponnese region of Gre

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Eat & drink

Within minutes of arriving at Nafplio and walking from the waterfront car park into the historic Old Town area, we couldn’t help b

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I have included the 3 forts in the travel guide for day trip to Nafplio. You can include any one of these castle/fort in your day trip itinerary. ...

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For a unique experience in a hotel that is teeming with personality, Amymone and Adiandi is the obvious choice for your Nafplio tr

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Over the centuries, Nafplio has been invaded and conquered by various nations. The Turks, the Arabs, and the Venetians all came to

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We hadn’t gone far, about ten minutes out of Monemvasia, when we came to an idyllic little spot to park the camper for a day or two, Palaio Beach. ...

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We were spoiled for choice when researching hotels in Nafplio — available accommodations include budget-friendly pensions and room

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Between Akronafplia and Palamidi fortresses, just above Arvanitia beach, lies a huge, abandoned hotel building. The location is ve

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Nafplion 1841: A wonderful guesthouse, in the heart of the old town, with modern rooms, clean areas and low prices! Rare find ...

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