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"Sami is one of the precious jewels of Kefalonia and you will find out why during your holidays to Kefalonia."agreekadventure.com
"Sami is an ideal spot for people who love seeing the natural and historic sights, this area being well known in Greece (more about Greece) for its caves and lakes."travelpassionate.com
"Sami is a region on the east coast of Kefalonia."travelgreecetraveleurope.com

West Greece

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Kefallinia Airport (EFL)

Araxos Airport (GPA)

Dionysios Solomos Airport (ZTH)

Agrinion Airport (AGQ)

About Sami

Sami is a village in the country Greece (plan Greece itineraries) with a population of 1,347. Sami is a very green city. This village is located in the east of Greece (more about Greece itineraries). The nearest neighbour city of Sami is Athens. Enjoy the beautiful beaches at Sami.

Things to do

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Eat & drink

Folk art and handicraft

Sami people used materials provided by nature to create the folk art. The unhurried lifestyle and patience that characterize peopl

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hand movements and gestures

Through this mixture of broken words and sign language, I learned that his family had owned the land and its reindeer for many gen

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The Reindeer of Lapland: Friends or Food?

The Sami have a long tradition of herding Reindeer which is why they used to be nomadic traveling long distances while singing tra

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Worth to visit

Worth the wait

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Sami history and culture

I enjoyed looking at the jewellery and the different accessories that the Sami women had adorned over the years. ...

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Where to Stay in Samos

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