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"Thessaloniki is both the international and domestic hub for rail travel within Greece (plan Greece itineraries)."malloryontravel.com
"Thessaloniki: In this port city, you will find evidence of so many eras of history."travelbooksfood.com
"Thessaloniki is a city with a long gastronomic tradition."wanderlustchloe.com
"Thessaloniki is definitely a worthwhile spot to visit in Greece."travelphotodiscovery.com
"Thessaloniki is quite lesser known, but has so much going on!"familyadventureproject.org
"Thessaloniki is a really great city to visit with plenty monuments originating from Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman ages."travelpassionate.com

North Greece

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Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport (SKG)

About Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a town in the country Greece (more about Greece itineraries) with a population of 325,182. And also, Thessaloniki fits perfect for a cultural trip. This town is in north Greece. And also, Skopje is the name of the nearest big city. In Thessaloniki are historic buildings.

Things to do

Our last stop in Greece was Thessaloniki. If ancient stories and historic places fascinate you, Thessaloniki is the best place f

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Let’s be honest, Greek food is absolutely delicious, especially all the fresh-flavored ingredients like olives, feta cheese or rip


The Modiano Market

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However, the city has a rich and diverse history that dates back thousands of years. The traditional version of the pastry is sw

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Eat & drink

Identifying the best restaurants in Thessaloniki is somewhat subjective. A number of excellent restaurants have opened up in Thess

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This modern bed and breakfast is located right in the heart of Thessaloniki. If you’re visiting Thessaloniki and would like to boo

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Thessaloniki offers a variety of culinary specialties, many are just mouthwateringly good! Unlike the southern part of Greece, The


Cafes, bars and a boat

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I wouldn’t tell anyone that Thessaloniki has to be visited. I also won’t tell you that it’s a very attractive city. Thessaloniki w

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As in all countries, it helps if you know some basic expressions in the local language. The expression “it’s all Greek to me” was

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Start your walk at the harbor- going out on the pier gives you an incredible view of the waterfront buildings, the white tower, an

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Admittedly, one day in Thessaloniki isn’t nearly long enough to see everything this city has to offer. But if it’s all the time yo

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Do you want to go on a city trip but only have a few bucks to spend? Then here comes a great place in Greece you can visit for che

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It is advisable to find a Thessaloniki hotel that is close to the White Tower or the Arch of Galerius. This way, you are within wa


The Met Hotel Thessaloniki

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Because we were arriving and leaving by train, we chose to spend our three nights in Thessaloniki in an Airbnb walking distance fr


Where to stay in Bitola

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If you’re only in Thessaloniki for a short period of time, I recommend staying near the train station or in the very heart of the

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