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"Antigua Guatemala is no place for stilettos."getawaymavens.com
"Antigua Guatemala is a beautiful city."talesofabackpacker.com
"Antigua Guatemala is surrounded by Volcanos."clairesitchyfeet.com
"Antigua Guatemala (more about Guatemala) is easily the most beautiful city in Central America."gomadnomad.com
"Antigua Guatemala is known for its cobblestone streets and looming volcanos."nobackhome.com
"Antigua Guatemala is an outstanding example of preserved colonial architecture and of cultural value."everything-everywhere.com

South Guatemala

Antigua Guatemalas location

Antigua Guatemala at a glance

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3-4 nights


Average (3 of 5)

Level of costs

Around Antigua Guatemala


La Aurora Airport (GUA)

San José Airport (GSJ)

Quiché Airport (AQB)

About Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a village with over 39,368 people. And Antigua Guatemala is in the south of Guatemala (visit Guatemala itineraries).

Things to do

We love the Caribbean, so when we found a steal on airfare to Antigua, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a new island.

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There are so many things to do in Antigua that you won’t know what to do first! I’d only heard incredible stories about Antigua’s


10. Don’t Miss the Farmer’s Market at Caoba Organic Farms

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Antiguais known as Guatemala (plan Guatemala itineraries)’s most beautiful city and it’s easy to understand why.


10. Visit a local market

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Eat & drink

Written like a true sailor, his version of Antigua is a Caribbean island. But if you go to Guatemala (plan Guatemala itineraries) and head inland a few hours,


Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

The Rest of the Best of Antigua Guatemala Restaurants

Where to go for Guatemalan Cuisine

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GUATEMALA, Antigua with Kids – The colorful town of Antigua is one of Guatemala’s prettiest and most popular destinations. Origina


1 Great Place to Eat: Arrin Cuan

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? If you have just a day in Antigua you are going to want to make the most of it! Ideally, Antigua is somewhere you want to come f


Breakfast with a View

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Worth to visit

, for example, has an old center that with spectacular colonial architecture! However, at its heart, Mexico City is a modern metro

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Antigua is one of the most beautiful, energetic destinations in the West Indies. With plenty of breathtaking scenery and exciting

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On my first trip to the Caribbean, I find myself relaxing more than expected. Let me share what you can expect on a trip to Antigu

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Considering a Caribbean island getaway? Its 28 island nations include 7000 islands! Antigua is in the middle of the Leeward Island

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, thanks to advanced laser technology that unearthed it! Fortunately, VV contributor Lindy Tolbert was just in Antigua, so if you’

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At Spanish schools in Antigua, you can expect to be between Q46 – Q78per hour for one-to-one lessons. Nearly all of th

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If you’re thinking of traveling in Guatemala it’s likely you’ll be starting or ending your trip in Antigua. 1. Location: As a back


Hostels in Antigua, Guatemala

Best Hostels in Antigua, Guatemala

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Palma’s many nooks and crannies offer visitors the perfect opportunity for some fascinating sun-soaked exploration. Hidden in the

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After having such an incredible experience at Galle (plan Galle itineraries)y Bay's sister resort of Palm Island and see how it compared! While I was at Pa

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