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"Chichicastenango is an indigenous village lying on the crest of the northern volcanoes in Guatemala (visit Guatemala itineraries)."pointsandtravel.com
"Chichicastenango is a large indigenous mountain top town in Guatemala."beersandbeans.com
"Chichicastenango is famed for having the largest market in Central America."indietraveller.co
"Chichicastenango: The biggest colorful market of Mayan culture."travelwiththesmile.com
"Chichicastenango is a beautiful market town located in the Altiplano mainly inhabited by QuicIndia (visit India itineraries)nsans."gonomad.com
"Chichicastenango is a small town in the jungle covered mountainous region of Guatemala."travelwiththesmile.com

Middle Guatemala

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Huehuetenango Airport (HUG)

Quiché Airport (AQB)

Quetzaltenango Airport (AAZ)

La Aurora Airport (GUA)

About Chichicastenango

Chichicastenango is a town (Guatemala) with a population of 79,759. Furthermore, it is a very green city. Chichicastenango fits perfect for a cultural trip. Furthermore, the nearest big city is Solola. This town is located in the center of Guatemala (Guatemala in detail).

Things to do

The Chichicastenango market is the biggest attraction in Chichi, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing to do. ...

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What better place to start than with the amazing local market? The Maya Market of Chichicastenango is a truly special experience. ...


clothing from the market

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Eat & drink

, you have a super view of the market. It is also a good place for a simple meal or drink. ...

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As you roam the market, you will notice that many of the vendors sell seemingly identical items. If you see something you really l


you should never accept the first price you’re offered

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Stay the night before the market in Chichicastenango so that you can set off early the next day. Visit the market if you are passi

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Many backpackers like to get involved in the culture and take part in the available ceremonies, such as the Feast of Santo Tomas. ...

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Chichicastenango conveniently has two budget hotels next door to each other on 8a Calle. Compare both Hotel Mashito ...

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About a one-hour journey from Lago Atitlan, on arrival you’ll find some good accommodation in at the Hotel Museo Mayan ...

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Very few travelers spend the night in Chichi, but I was one of them. I loved being able to walk around town first thing in the mor

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