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"Guinea is poor, but not destitute."francistapon.com
"Guinea is a cash-based economy, but its biggest bill is only worth $2."francistapon.com
"Guinea is a country located in West Africa."vagabondjourney.com
"Guinea is known for its waterfalls but we were there in the dry season."nicolelabarge.com

Guinea location

Western Africa


Land borders


Ivory Coast




Guinea at a glance

Guinean Franc (GNF)




Average (3 of 5)

Level of costs

Very trendy (5 of 5)

Tourism trend change

Moderate (39 / 100)

Safety index

Very underdeveloped (46 / 100)

Human development index

Best itineraries

Things to do

The next day we went to the market. Doris sent one of the members of her parish with us so he can show us foods we didn’t know. Th

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I can honestly say it was the grossest food I’ve ever put in my mouth ...

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Eat & drink

It’s all about the local produce when you travel to PNG, which basically amounts to sweet potatoes and veggies, along with rice an

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Before we tackle why do people eat guinea pig, why not? In many parts of the world it’s the chickens, pigs and cows that are eaten

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The hormigas culonas aka hormigas santandereanas are pregnant leaf cutter ants that are collected by hand during the Spring mating


Eating camel meat

Amazon rainforest food

Can you eat bats?

What does rat meat taste like?

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When I was 26 years old, my husband got a job offer to run a top-notch agro-tech farm in a developing country. We stayed in POM fo

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There’s not much information online about travelling to Papua New Guinea (more about Papua New Guinea itineraries) is there? I mean, compared to most of the rest of the wor

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Summary: Want a few Papua New Guinea facts? Whether to learn about the food, culture, history, or other fun facts about Papua New

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Without looking, its almost as if there are chunks of french fries inside, amidst bits of oily cheese - and sour slightly sour at that. ...

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