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Things To Do In Honduras

I spent 2.5 weeks in Honduras a year ago and was lucky enough to help with building a home for an underprivileged family on a volu

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Places to Visit in Honduras

We ticked off those 10 things to do in Honduras in 1 month of travels. In chronological order, the towns and cities we visited were: ...

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Things to do in Honduras- Not to be Missed

It’s good to remember Honduras is the only country to touch the borders of four other countries in Central America. Also, it’s wor


see Honduras from above

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Eat & drink

Food & Drink

Street Food – There’s tons of yummy, cheap street food in the West End too, so indulge! Don’t be scared by the BBQ’s on the side o

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Eat the food!

Rice and beans, beans and rice with a side dish of refried beans and soured cream with EVERYTHING. ...

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Facts about Honduras Food

One of the many interesting things about Honduras and it’s cuisine is that many of the dishes are influenced by the countries natural resources. ...

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Worth to visit

Why Visit Honduras?

While you might be put off by the insulting and generic press about Honduran life, you’ll find a trip here allows you to experience: ...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Honduras with Your Kids - Tripelle

. and the North Pacific Ocean, Honduras, a Central American country, offers the perfect tropical backdrop for your next vacation.


10 Reasons to visit with Your Kids

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More Information on Backpacking Honduras

If you are more of a book person and would rather carry a physical guide with you while backpacking Honduras, we recommend Lonely

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cultural contributions

The Garifuna gave us the Punta dance, the Mayans gave us magnificent architecture, and the Miskito gave us entrancing folktales pa

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Where to Stay in Guanaja, Honduras

Guanaja is one of the three islands that makes up the Bay Islands Department, and is the most north-easterly of the islands. It is


Best Places to Stay on Guanaja

2 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Guanaja, Honduras”

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Foster’s West Bay Resort

Follow the boardwalk at the end of the beach to this West Bay landmark. Sit upstairs with views over the water. Nightly visits by

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Hieroglyphic Stairway

In addition to admiring the ruins, a visit to Copan archaeological site is rewarded with watching a flock of beautiful scarlet mac


street stalls

finnsaway.com > Mayan Ruins And Macaws In Copan Hondura

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