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"Gracias is a must-visit if you are the kind of person who enjoys a sanguine pace."layerculture.com

West Honduras

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Copán Ruinas Airport (RUY)

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At Gracias(Honduras (see itineraries)) live 277,910 inhabitants. Besides the nearest big city of Gracias is San Salvador. Gracias is in east Honduras.

Things to do

We didn’t do much in Gracias other than just explore the city. The girls had a blast playing at the playground in the central squa

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Eat & drink

The food in Gracias was fantastic, but mainly because we finally found street food. There are a few little restaurants that seem t

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Ya han pasado unos años de mi primer work and travel, que no fue sólo uno, sino que terminaron siendo tres temporadas viviendo y t

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I love people that daydream and have clear goals an a purpose in life. I don’t have time for complainers. You need to be practical


International exchange experience

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This was a lovely little spot just outside of town. It’s not really accessible unless you have a vehicle, but it was nice and quie

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