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"Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe to visit in regard to cost."thetravellingtom.com
"Budapest is one of the Danube's greatest treasures."theblondeabroad.com
"Budapest is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in all of our travels."traveltoblank.com
"Budapest is less crowded and touristic, while the food is great!"becomenomad.com
"Budapest is gorgeous, and everywhere you look will find opulent architecture, art and perfect places for urban photography."loveandroad.com
"Budapest is one of the cheapest city break destinations in Europe and there are lots of hostels and budget."oneworld365.org

Hiking Tours in Budapest and all Hungary

Great tours for hiking in Budapest and around (e.g. Balaton Hike & Wine) for fair rates.

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Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD)

About Budapest

Budapest is a big city (Hungary) with a population of 1,696,128. It is well known for the nice nightlife. It offers you the possibility to relax atby a river. In Budapest you find many historic places. It is the capital of Hungary. It is great for a trip with much cultural experiences. This big city is in center Hungary (plan Hungary itineraries).

Things to do

If you think that Europe is finishing with the most known Capitals cities, you are wrong. The best activity to do in the Hungarian


Szechenyi baths winter – Things to do in Budapest

13 thoughts on “Top 10 things to do in Budapest in winter”

Hungarian Wine Tasting – Top 10 things to do in Budapest

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When you think about Budapest, you probably conjure images of thermal baths, spicy food, and a very hard language. When you’re hea


Best Things to Do in Budapest:

Looking for things to do in Budapest?! You’re in the right place!

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Traveling to Budapest in winter and not sure what to do in the cooler months? But Budapest in December is simply magical! - Top th


Wondering what to do in Budapest in winter?

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Eat & drink

I read several food related articles before my first visit to the country and found them spot on. We found freshness, uniqueness a


International Food

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Finding the top places where to eat in Budapest might not be as easy and straightforward as it seems. During our trip, we tried se

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People who’re looking for a lovely culinary experience should definitely look for restaurants that have an amazing view of the cit


Best Restaurants in Budapest for Vegans

Insider Foodie Tip

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Budapest also cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is the largest city and capital of Hungary. Budapest is the live

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Straddling the Danube, the towns of Buda, Pest and Óbuda merged in the Nineteenth Century to form the capital city of Hungary. Wit

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If you suffer cold weather, Budapest is not the place for you during winter time, better come visit from Spring to Autumn. But if

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We arrived to Budapest quite late on Friday 19th June 2015. After figuring out how to use the Hungarian trains, we finally arrived

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Looking for somewhere BUDA-ful to go? - Budapest is actually two cities: Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River. Budapest’s

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Wondering what to do in Budapest? Perfect for solo travelers, backpackers, couples and party animals,there’s a lot of things to do

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Budapest was such an awesome city! The nightlife was outrageous, with tons of restaurants to eat at and bars to socialize in, for

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Budapest is a sort of Mecca destination for budget backpackers. The capital of Hungary is still one of Europe’s cheapest major cit

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How much does a holiday in Budapest cost? An aid to the calculation of your budget HOW MUCH DOES A HOLIDAY IN BUDAPEST COST? AN AI


How much does it cost to eat in Budapest? *

How much does it cost to drink in Budapest

How much does transport cost to Budapest? *

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, the best place to stay in Budapest if you’re looking for a beautiful and central location, first-class service and comfort with


An upscale boutique hotel

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Our core mission when finding you the best hotels in Budapest Hungary: Massive growth in tourism in Budapest means high season bet

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Budapest has loads of great hotel options in the city centre, perfect for the early and late photo walks necessary to capture the

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