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"Eger is a lovely addition to your trip to Hungary and it can easily be reached by train, bus or car from Budapest."omnomnirvana.com
"Eger is beautiful, but I hated hearing more German being spoken than Hungarian when I visited."neverendingfootsteps.com
"Eger is famous for the 'Valley of the Beautiful Women" located just a couple of kilometers out of town."bbqboy.net
"Eger is well-served by public transportation which, although not the most modern, is frequent and inexpensive."travelnotesandbeyond.com
"Eger is a small town with pastel-colored houses, squares, monuments and loads of history."gobeyondbounds.com
"Eger: Last is the city of Eger in Northern Hungary."travelbooksfood.com

The Beatles Museum in Hungary

Awesome beatles museum with super interesting content. A must see for beatles fans.

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in Hungary Eger has 56,647 people. In addition, Eger is located in center Hungary. The nearest big city of Eger is Budapest.

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Where to take a holiday in Hungary? One of our readers recommended the town of Eger in the Northeastern part of the country. A pre

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Exploring the castle compound and climbing up its many towers induced hunger so off I went to town to find some grub for lunch and

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The Dobo Square is located in the heart of the city surrounded by important historical buildings and numerous cafes and overlooked


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Eat & drink

The Eger Castle perched atop the hill overlooking the city is of great historical importance for 1552 siege. It is from here that

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Here’s my recommended accommodation when you’re in Eger. You can of course just rent a flat/apartment which I also recommend – Use

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