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"Dharamshala is a truly spectacular environment to embark on your exciting and transformative yoga journey."eragenx.com
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"Dharamshala is a beautiful hill station in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh."traveldudes.org
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Northeast India

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Kangra Airport (DHM)

Pathankot Airport (IXP)

About Dharamshala

(India) Dharamshala has a population of 19,540. Also Dharamshala gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a river. The nearest neighbour city of Dharamshala is Amritsar. Also it is a very green city with a lot of nature. This village is in the north of India (plan India itineraries).

Things to do

I’ve been to the nooks and corners of Himachal. In fact, I have been to places that most people might not have heard of before – v

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Dharamshala Hill Station will help you to Experience a serene vacation exploring the exquisiteness of nature with a Himachal Tour

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The area of Dharamshala up in Himachal Pradesh is a must-visit on your trip to India if you love the mountains, want to be around


Do Yoga

See the Dalai Lama

Do the Triund Trek

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Eat & drink

Select Page DHARAMSHALA FOOD GUIDE FOR TRAVELERS: MUST VISIT CAFES AND EATERIES Dharamshala food guide will prove handy for any tr


Dharamshala Food Guide: What to Eat at the Best Cafes & Eateries?

11 Yummilicious Foodie Spots in one’s Dharamshala Food Guide

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Dharamsala ist der Residenzort des Dalai Lamas und zugleich Sitz der tibetischen Exilregierung. Jedes Jahr strömen tausende Mensch


Ashoka Restaurant

McLlo Restaurant

Malabar Restaurant

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Visit Bhagsunag Temple and waterfall and trek to the top of the waterfall and beyond, to Shiva Café. It is an easy trek of 2kms. I

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Unlike other parts of Dharamsala where you will find mostly Himachali & Buddhists, Naddi is mainly comprised of people with Punjab

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One thing I learned from young children is the virtue ofpatience. My second day in the classroom, I basically lost my voice. With

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The thing I love about Himachal Pradesh are the apples that grow here and all the yummy apple produce! ...

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The above itinerary for Kangra Valley can be done in one day. Staring at 6 in the morning with a walk to the waterfalls and ending

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Tibetan library, though a small but interesting museum, is located near the Tibetan government office in exile. ...

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There are a few places should most certainly be on your Dharamshala budget trip itinerary. The only cost you will incur is to reac


3 Day- Itinerary for an Exciting Dharamshala Budget Trip

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Assuming that you are in Dharamshala for at least three days, you can easily manage to ex


Dharamshala Budget Trip: Sightseeing Costs

4 Money-Saving Tips for your Dharamshala Budget Trip

Transportation Costs: For and in Dharamshala

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When looking for a place to stay in the Dharamshala, look for something either in Dharamkot or Mcleodganj. I personally like Dhara

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Hotel staff behavior is excellent and very helpful. I especially loved their evening room service. Both the days I was there I ret


All luxury hotels are created equally, sorry, not equally.

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If you are looking for hassle free tour of Kangra Valley combined with luxury stay, the best bet would be Hyatt Regency Dharamshala Resort ...

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