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"Haridwar is also worth a visit but if you are running out of time, you can bypass it and move directly to Rishikesh and spend the night there."myyatradiary.com
"Haridwar is regarded as one of the holiest places for hindus."revolvingcompass.com
"The city of Haridwar is a religiously important destination for Hindu travellers across India."nomadicshoes.com
"Haridwar is the place where Ganga emerges from the mountains and enters to the plain areas."ghoomakad.in
"Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places for Hindus."ivankhristravels.com
"Haridwar is known as 'The Gateway to Lord Vishnu' while for others, it is the 'Gateway to Lord Shiva'."ivankhristravels.com

East India

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Dehradun Airport (DED)

About Haridwar

The town (India (India itineraries)) Haridwar has a population of 186,079. And the nearest city of Haridwar is Dehradun. It is perfect for a trip with much cultural experiences. And this town is in north India. Haridwar gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a river.

Things to do

Situated by the side of the divine Ganges, Haridwar is popular for temples and Ghats where tourists take a bath to demolish sins m

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