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"New Delhi is not somehow worse than other major cities with crime."dangerous-business.com
"New Delhi is far from being a perfect city, but I didn't have a bad time there."beenaroundtheglobe.com
"New Delhi is where many travellers start their India (plan India itineraries)n adventure."global-gallivanting.com
"New Delhi is one of the most populated cities in the world and it holds a lot of interesting places and cultural experiences."mapsnbags.com
"New Delhi is offering a variety of festive dining treats on 24th and 25th December and then on 31st December and 1st January."traveltalesfromindia.in
"New Delhi is such a crazy and chaotic place, unfortunately with loads of poverty."justonewayticket.com

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Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

About New Delhi

New Delhi is a town with a population of 317,797. It is great for a cultural trip because of the many museums, theatres and more. It gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a river. It is the capital of India. This town is located in center India (India in detail). It is well known for the outstanding nightlife.

Things to do

I think New Delhi is a city that intimidates travelers. I wasn’t really looking forward to my visit to New Delhi at all, if I’m ho

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One of the world’s oldest cities – New Delhi is is an iconic, world-class city that has thrived through the ages, evolving into a

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Must see in New Delhi: India Gate is impressive. The flowers were bursting with color. ...

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Eat & drink

Our day in New Delhi included awesome food from Havemore restaurant. Vegetarian of course! I didn’t mind this time though :-) ...

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I hope my passion for this city came across in this article because I was simply spellbound by Delhi. ...

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Worth to visit

Though the main entry point for most foreigners to India (plan India itineraries), New Delhi is worth more than just a transit city to another India (India itineraries)n desti

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India (plan India itineraries)’s capital city, New Delhi is a symbol of the country’s rich history and thriving present, and is regarded as the heart of th


4 thoughts on “17 Interesting Facts About New Delhi”

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Delhi is a mix of ancient and modern alike – with on one hand: Medieval Mughal forts, historic Hindu temples and giant statues, an

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Next to the lobby is New Delhi’s first exclusive indoor cigar lounge, offering a curated collection of the finest hand-rolled Cuba

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Delhi is a sprawling city and there are so many options for where to stay. ...

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With a very modern and stylish design and decoration, Holiday Inn has its own place among the best five-star hotels in New Delhi.


Where to stay in New Delhi?

(One of the cheapest boutique hotels in Delhi)

(Best 3-star hotel in Delhi)

➍ Novotel

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