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"Pune is famous for it's own culture & it has many historic places."asherfergusson.com
"Pune is rich in history and culture."withhusbandintow.com
"Pune is one of those cities many overlook on an all India tour."withhusbandintow.com
"Pune is also a best travel place for monsoon."lakshmisharath.com
"Pune is also great for eating and drinking, thanks to its buzzing restaurant and cafe scene."withhusbandintow.com
"Pune is also one of the fastest growing cities not only in the country, but the whole Asia-Pacific region."romancingtheplanet.com

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in India (visit India itineraries) Pune has 2,935,744 people. Furthermore, this big city is located in east India (see itineraries). It is perfect for a trip with much cultural experiences. The nearest city is Mumbai.

Things to do

When most travelers think of visiting the India (plan India itineraries)n state of Maharashtra, it’s the clogged and overly crowded streets of Mumbai , the

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Pune is not as popular as it’s neighbour Mumbai, but the city slowly becomes a favoured place for a short holiday. Situated close


The 10 Best Things to Do In Pune

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The list of the places to visit in Pune and the list is endless. The modern Pune as a city is fast growing, developing, and turnin


places to visit in Pune

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Eat & drink

From the authentic Misal Pav and Vada Pav to the most amazing bakery items, Pune offers a lot for all the taste buds. Have the Mis

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Worth to visit

The development of Lavasa has been marred by controversies over the last few years. Owing to this, Lavasa has changed dramatically

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When you enter the room, the display is not functional. An operator comes and starts it after everyone is in there. And the show h

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As I said earlier, there is a lot to explore in Pune. You have many options to pick from as a traveller. Choose to explore one of


Pune One Day Trip Itinerary for Spirituality Seekers & History Lovers: Option 1

Pune One Day Trip Itinerary for Shopaholics: Option 3

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. is located in Panvel in Maharashtra and lies at a distance of 53 km from Matheran. The bird sanctuary is present just below the

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Accommodation and transport form a major chunk of travel costs. However, you can cut the costs by planning wisely. Here are severa

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Tickets to enter the museum can be purchased at the ticket office on the ground floor. Toilets are located within the workshop on

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Generally speaking, well known hotels & resorts in the Pune are welcoming towards all LGBTQ couples and most of the 4 & 5- hotels

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If you are looking to spend a few days in the city, your best bet is to book a room at any of the budget hotels in Pune by Treebo ...

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The moment you hear luxury hotels your pockets start feeling stressed, But Pune offers amazing luxury hotels at cheaper rates than

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