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"Surat is located by the banks of Tapti river."romancingtheplanet.com
"Surat is also relatively popular for its silk and chemicals."lemonicks.com
"Surat is well connected to several major cities in Gujarat and the states of western India by rail and road."myyatradiary.com
"Surat is no longer a monopoly in this field."lemonicks.com
"Surat is one of the important industrial towns in India (more about India itineraries) with its major contribution coming from textiles and diamonds."lemonicks.com

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At Suratin the country India live over 4,467,797 people. This world city is in the center of India. The nearest city of Surat is Bharuch. It is located by the sea and so it is possible adore the wonderful beaches at Surat. It is located next to rivers.

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Surat Thani is a province in the south of Thailand (plan Thailand itineraries) and its city is just referred to as Surat. The plan was to go to the immigratio

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Visitors to Thailand (plan Thailand itineraries) are starting to shift away from the traditional tourist hotspots which have been the mainstay of the industry


What to do in Surat Thani?

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Eat & drink

If for nothing else, come to Surat for the Thai food. The city brims with pokey hole-in-the-wall restaurants and street markets. T

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Known as a transit point to the Thai islands, a closer look shows there's much more to it ...


It has the perfect location

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We have stayed in two places on Samui. Both have been pretty damn good. ...

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Surat Thani is in no way short of accommodation. Many travelers come to Surat Thani to stay and explore, some just for an overnigh

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