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"Tehran is somewhere I would want to see for myself, but it does sound a bit like a sprawling mess!"mywanderlust.pl
"Tehran is actually pretty fascinating."mywanderlust.pl
"Tehran is unlike anywhere else in Iran (plan Iran itineraries)."thebrokebackpacker.com
"Tehran is a big city but still, I had a good time there!"beenaroundtheglobe.com
"Tehran is a beautiful city, its park stunning, it reveals much of Iranians' love for nature!"chasingtheunexpected.com
"Tehran is the startiing point for Backpacking in Iran (plan Iran itineraries) - the Azadi Monument is the perfect location to take your first photo for friends and family back home!"back-packer.org

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Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA)

Mehrabad International Airport (THR)

Payam International Airport (PYK)

About Tehran

The world city (Iran (plan Iran itineraries)) Tehran has over 12,183,391 people. Tehran fits perfect for a cultural trip. This world city is located in the center of Iran (Iran itineraries). It is known for historic relevant locations. Tehran is well known for the great nightlife. Tehran is the capital of Iran.

Things to do

From Iranian hipsters and rastafaris to women in their black chadors, pretty girls wearing the headscarf at the edge of their head

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The reason is mainly one: the traffic. Secular and dynamic, Tehran is one of the most vibrant cities in Iran. The architecture of


13. Darband, one of the fun things to do in Tehran

8. Tajrish Bazaar, one of the places to see in Tehran

Top places to visit in Tehran, must-see city in Iran

7. Jewellery Museum, one of the best things to see in Tehran

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This step is very simple, head to your embassy in Tehran. Foreign Embassies usually have endless queues around, so mention that yo


Other things to take into account.

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Eat & drink

Tehran has hundreds of restaurants which serve all sorts of food from regional specialities to national dishes. Some of my favourites are: ...

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– There are several fancy Persian restaurants found all across the city but this is the one I recommend. ...

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. and built between 2010 and 2014. The 270-meter-long bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass built in Iran to connect two park

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Despite Tehran being a huge sprawling city with over 8 million inhabitants, there is no ‘downtown’ as such. Tehran however can be

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Travel Insurance – Remember that most travel insurance companies don’t cover for travel in Tehran and the rest of Iran. Therefore,

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Change money on the Ferdowsi street and don’t do it on the street as such (if it’s very early when you arrive wait until the store

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Located in the Saadat Abad northern district, Espinas Palace is one of the best 5-star hotels in Tehran. Finely decorated rooms in


Esteghlal Hotel

Laleh Hotel

Homa Hotel Tehran

Raamtin Hotel, a boutique hotel in Tehran

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There are a huge number of hostels in Tehran, which are not available for booking on the more popular international booking sites. ...

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I stayed near the Shohada e Haftam e Tir metro station for the first few days in Southern Tehran. For the Northern part, I stayed

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