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This itinerary brings you through Iraq, Western Asia. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
During your travel you have to speak Sorani but english should be enough for communication everywhere.
Travel itinerary overview

Things to do

Anil and I could barely contain our laughter as we tried to explain that we were simply traveling through the region, a reason tha

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Moving on from the Peacock Angel story, like most Middle Eastern religi

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Arabic isi the most widely spoken language in Iraq. Kurdish is the second most spoken. ...


Things to do in Iraqi Kurdistan by province

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Eat & drink

I was left here as I took a taxi from Erbil to the castle and further to Salahaddin. I got some food in the center shops and waite

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Finally, the grandest architecture you will find in Iraq—the Great Ziggurat of Ur. It is an ancient city of the glorious Sumerian

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Kurdish food in Iraq is deliciously unique and filled with warmth and culture. Try to experience at least one meal with a local at

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Dair Mal Elia Monastery: the oldest institution of its kind in the country, destroyed at the end of the summer in 2014. ...

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As i mentioned, all Yazidis must make pilgrimage to Lalish. While they can visit at any time, there is a seven-day annual pilgrima

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So here we were, our travel to Iraq was underway, and we were finally in Baghdad. Our legend of a guide, Adam, there every step of

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A lot! Especially if you do it with just 1 or 2 people. So I did some digging about how to visit Iraq, and some more, 6 months of

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Readers, what comments or questions do you have for the brave author of I Have Iraq in my Shoe ...

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Your budget really depends on where you stay and where you eat. Lodging and food will end up being your two biggest expenses, apar

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Sanandaj offers several places to sleep, ranging from cheap motels to luxury hotels. At the moment, it’s not possible to book hote


Dolphin Hotel

High-end: Sanandaj Shadi Hotel.

Sanandaj Tourist Hotel.

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Kurdistan has quite a good number of comfortable, quality hotels. If you are doing your own tour and prefer to plan ahead, you can

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