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"Erbil is the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan and therefore it also has the biggest airport."dontstopliving.net
"Erbil is an awesome metropolis which has been in peace for years!"againstthecompass.com

North Iraq

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Erbil International Airport (EBL)

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At Erbilin Iraq live 932,800 people. Furthermore, the nearest big city is Kirkuk. This city is in the north of Iraq.

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Not many cities in the world can brag about having as much history as Erbil has. Home to the Kurds, a nation of very brave and rem


things to do in Erbil

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Welcome to Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan and the largest city in the territory. The city definitely warrants at least a co


Things To Do In Erbil

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As an example of cost, in Erbil, most journeys within the city center cost 2000 ID and a trip out to one of the suburbs costs 3000 ID. ...

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Eat & drink

If you are invited to some houses, you are likely to get some good, hearty meals. ...

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Located in the north of Iraq, nestled between Iran and Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan is today a safe but turbulent region, home to some

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I got my SIM card at the airport. Show your passport and five minutes later, you are up and running. The company I used was Korek.

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Truth be told, I turned up in Iraqi Kurdistan with little to no plan. I was essentially winging it as Icrossed the border from Ira

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When it comes to travel in Iraqi Kurdistan, it can be quite difficult to gauge how m

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If you’re trying to keep costs down, staying in Shaqlawa is best avoided. However if you do you can search options in Shaqlawahere ...


Where To Stay In Akre

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49 – Mid-range / Top-end Hotels – In Erbil, Suleymaniyah and Dohuk you can find endless hotels and deals on Booking. ...

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